Distinguished Service Award

2006 Recipient
Mr. John Bobrowich
President & CEO, ReGENco

Mr. John Bobrowich

Mr. John Bobrowich


Mr. Bobrowich serves as president of the Industrial Liaison Council, a group of 35 executives representing major industries from Milwaukee and throughout southeastern Wisconsin. 

As president of the ILC, Mr. Bobrowich was deeply involved in forming the first-ever CEAS Strategic Plan, which was put in place in 2006. Mr. Bobrowich is also a strong supporter of the CEAS Graduate Internship Program and has continuously volunteered his time and efforts for a number of CEAS events and programs. 

About the Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual or group of individuals who have made a significant impact or contribution to the college over an extended period of time.  The award recognizes outstanding service or devotion to the college and to the university. Volunteer service represents a commitment to the betterment of the college and the university. Such volunteer service represents an uncommon gift of self, time and energy. The recipient must demonstrate a consistent pattern of volunteerism having great impact on the mission and goals of the college.