Post Doctoral Research Associate

The Computational Materials Science Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is seeking a motivated post doctoral research associate to effectively conduct research in the general field of computational materials science. We perform multi-scale computations on several materials science related projects employing advanced modeling techniques such as molecular dynamics (MD), coarse-grained dynamics (CGD), phase-field modeling (PFM), and finite element modeling (FEM).

The lab’s specific research interests include:

  • Drug delivery from the drug-polymer coatings in implantable medical device
  • Mechanical behavior of cardiovascular/orthopedic medical implants
  • Nanomaterials/protein interactions in graphene-based biosensors
  • Mechanical behavior of lightweight metal-matrix nano composites

We are currently collaborating with a number of federal research labs, federal funding agencies, and major biomedical industries in the nation.

Ideal applicants must have a PhD degree in materials science / mechanical / chemical / biomedical engineering or related disciplines. Research experience with finite element analysis (ABAQUS, ANSYS, etc) and/or molecular dynamics package (LAMMPS, Materials Studio, etc) is necessary.

Immediate opening is available (from July of 2011). The position will be opened until filled. Interested individuals should email a CV with their research interest to:

Changsoo Kim, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Materials Department
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
office) +1-414-229-3085