Electrical Engineering Minor

The minor in EE will be available to Engineering and Science majors.

It will require students to take a minimum of 21 credits of courses of which not more than 6 credits overlap with major of students and obtain a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the minor. The credits distribution will be as follows:

  • Students must take at least 15 credits from the following core courses of the EE:
    EE-301, EE-305, EE-310, EE-330, EE-335, EE-354, EE-361, EE-362, EE-367 and EE-595.
  • No more than 6 credits from the following list may be counted towards the minor:
    EE-410, EE-420, EE-421, EE-429, EE-436, EE-437, EE-451, EE-457, CS-458, CS-459, EE-461, EE-462, EE-465, EE-471, EE-474 (or ME-474), EE-490, CS-536, EE-541, EE-561, EE-562, EE-565, EE-572, EE-574 (or ME-574), EE-575, Matl 481, ME 321.