Electrical Engineering Research Laboratories

Electronics Design Laboratory - Dr. Weizhong Wang
This laboratory is dedicated to research in electronic devices for future computing. Xilinx Multilinx Model DLC6; HP 546450 mixed signal oscilloscope; HP E3630A triple output DC power supply; electronic workbench; HP LaserJet 5M; HP DeskJect 1000C; COLBY pulse generator, PG5000A; FG503 function generators; TYPE 510A solid state klystron power supply; Heathkit IP-2718 tri-power supply’ Pentium PCs. FPGA developing systems. LLG micro-magnetic simulator, spin tunneling junction measurement.
Image Metrology Facility - Dr. Brian Armstrong
This laboratory is dedicated to research in optical motion tracking technology for biomedical applications. Optical bench, precision motion stages, imaging system, optical fabrication
Image Processing Laboratory - Dr. Jun Zhang
This laboratory is dedicated to research in image processing and computer vision. Digital cameras and PC's, video streaming over Internet, image/video segmentation, invariant object recognition, wavelet based image/signal processing.
Nanotechnlogy laboratory - Dr. Nikolai Kouklin
The laboratory is dedicated to fabrication and characterization of nanostructures for opto-electronic device and sensing applications. Horriba Jobin Yvon PL System with 2x grating excitation and emission spectrometers, single photon counting PMT and InGaAs liquid nitrogen cooled detectors; confocal Olympus microscope with 15-x UV objective; Stanford-Research digital lock-in amplifier, Janis cryostat (T-range: 10-600 0K), micromanipulator probe station with attached Mitutoyo research grade microscope (magnifications 100x, 200x and 500x ), Bruker micro-FTIR system; Keithley nanovoltmeter 2182A , Keithley DC-AC current sources 6221 and 236; 2 CVD reactors; electrochemical processing system; sonicator, centrifuge.
Optics Laboratory - Dr. Chiu-Tai Law
This laboratory is dedicated to research in optical wave propagation, communication and sensing. Optical table, CCD camera, lasers, beam profiler, wavelength meter, fiber optics components, PC with data acquisition board.
Power Electronics and Machine Drives Laboratory - Dr. Adel Nasiri
This laboratory is dedicated to research and development of power electronics and motor drives for renewable energy and biomedical applications. Six racks of IGBT transistors, 7hp motor / generator set, 5hp motor dynamometer, high power AC and DC sources, system tie line, all AC and DC metering devices, 42V dynamometer kits including AC and motors, AC and DC generators, BLDC and switched reluctance motors, oscilloscopes, dSPACE stations, PSIM, MATLAB/Simulink, Pspice, PSCAD, Simplorer, Magnet, and Ansoft.
Power Systems research Laboratory - Dr. David Yu
This laboratory is dedicated to research on power systems study, power distribution system analysis, ANN applications in power systems, distributed generation, and wind power.