Electromagnetics/Radio Frequency Electronics

Prof. D. Misra
Prof. G. Hanson

At UWM, research in electromagnetics and radio frequency electronics involves a variety of subjects. Principle areas of interest are

Electromagnetic Effects in Layered Media

Electromagnetic wave propagation through a layered medium, such as a printed circuit board or an integrated circuit structure, or in a geophysical environment such as a layered earth. Wave Interactions of Circuit Components at High Frequencies Desired, as well as undesired, coupling of circuit components do to radiation, surface waves, leaky waves, and other wave components

EE Research

Vertical electric field at the air-dielectric interface of a printed-circuit board having two coupled via-fed transmission lines. Frequency is 6.5 GHz for the left image, at which point no leaky-wave exists. For the center image frequency is 9 GHz, and forward energy leakage is starting to emerge. For the right image frequency is 13 GHz, and a strong leaky wave exists. From Radio Science, doi:10.1029/2004RS003168.

  • THz and Optical Antennas
    • Development of antennas at high GHz, THz, and optical frequencies. Wireless chip-area networks, and chip-to-chip communications.
  • Electromagnetics of Nanostructures
    • Electromagnetic wave interactions with plasmonic nano-objects, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
  • Interaction of Electromagnetic Energy with Material Media
    • Utilized to develop industrial processing techniques,  process monitoring and control, and the imaging.
  • Radio Frequency Electronics
    • Circuits and systems for various industrial and biomedical applications.