Image Processing and Computer Vision

Prof. J. Zhang

Image processing transforms images or video from one form into another. For example, through image processing, a blurred and noisy image can be restored to be close to its original appearance. Similarly, image processing techniques are used to compress image and video so that they can be transmitted quickly over a network. Indeed, image processing can be found in many of today’s high-tech application areas, such as medical imaging, communications, video surveillance and other military and security applications.

Image analysis, closely related to computer vision, extracts information from images and video. For example, it is often used to detect and extract tumor in medical images or video clips. Similarly, image analysis can also be used to perform automatic product inspection. Finally, image analysis also plays an important role in the search and retrieval of multimedia content over the web. Like image processing, it can be found in many of today’s high-tech application areas.

Some current projects carried out in our lab include vision-based UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) navigation, tumor motion tracking for radiation therapy treatment of cancer, and motion analysis for ultrasound images/video.

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