Ryoichi S. Amano - Professor

Contact Information

Office Address:
EMS E975
3200 North Cramer Street
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: 414-229-2345
Fax: 414-229-6958
Email: amano@uwm.edu
Web Site: http://www.uwm.edu/~amano.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 784
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Riyochi Amano

Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Davis, 1980
M.S. - Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, 1975
B.S. - Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, 1973

Research Interests

Computational Fluid Dynamics; Turbomachinery; Rotating Machines; Heat/Mass Transfer; Metal Matrix Composites; Environmental Remedial Technology; Micro-Biological Transport Phenomena; Aerodynamics; Propulsion Engineering

Selected Publications
  • Lee, E.K., Amano, R.S., and Rohatgi, P.K., “Metal Matrix Composite Solidification in the Presence of Cooled Fibers: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Observation,” Int. J. Heat & Mass Transfer, Vol. 43, 2007, pp. 741-748.
  • Sun, D. and Amano, R.S., “An Interaction with a Sonic Injection Jet with a Supersonic Turbulent Flow Approaching a Re-entry Vehicle to Atmosphere,” Advances in Heat Transfer, 2006, pp. 65-76, Invited Contribution, ISBN: 1-84564-176-0, WIT Press, UK.
  • Xiao, Y. and Amano, R.S., “Aluminized Composite Solid Propellant Particle Path In Combustion Chamber Of Solid Rocket Motor,” Advances in Fluid Mechanics, 2006, pp. 153-164, ISBN: 1-84564-163-9, WIT Press, UK
  • Chen, Q., Amano, R.S., and Xin, M., “Experimental Study Of Flow Patterns And Regimes Of Condensation In Horizontal Three-Dimensional Micro-Fin Tubes,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 43, 2006, pp. 201-206.
  • Amano, R.S. and Song, B., “Chapter 9—Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Duct With and Without Rotation – Cooling Passage of Gas Turbine Blades " Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer, 2005, pp. 315-348, Invited Contribution, ISBN: 1-85312-956-9, ISSN: 1369-7331, WIT Press, UK.
  • Xiao, Y., Amano, R.S., Cai, T., and Li, J., “A New Method to Determine the Velocities of Particles on a Solid-Propellant Surface,” ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 127, 2005, pp. 1057-1061.
  • Chon, W.C. and Amano, R.S., “Investigation of Flow Behavior around Co-Rotating Blades in a Double-Spindle Lawn Mower Deck, International Journal of Rotating Machinery, Vol. 1, 2005, pp. 77-89.