Center for Advanced Materials Manufacturing

The UW-Milwaukee Center for Advanced Materials Manufacturing was formed in hopes to become a world leader in research and application of advanced materials manufacturing, while being an integral resource in the transfer of selected materials manufacturing technologies to US industry.

The main missions of the center include:

  • Revitalize the materials manufacturing industry in Wisconsin and the United States.
  • To further integrate Wisconsin’s higher education facilities and it’s industries
  • Create ties with national and international institutes:
    • Foundry Research Institute, Poland
    • IIT, IISC, CSIR and other institutes in India
    • Northwestern, UCF, UF Gainesville, MIT, Brooklyn, Stanford, Argonne, Oakridge, PNNL
  • Develop collaborative agreements with leading materials manufacturing centers in the US and around the world.

Current focus in research consist of materials used for lightweight transportation; energy generation, transmission and purification; biomedical applications; green manufacturing techniques, and finally materials used for national defense by the Navy, Air Force, and Army.

Specific areas of research include high performance castings, metal matrix micro- and nano-composites, metal matrix syntactic foams, self-healing materials, self-cleaning materials and finally databases for TMS, the DoD, and other industries.

For further information on CAMM please contact:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for Advanced Materials Manufacturing
Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi, Director
Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor
UWM College of Engineering and Applied Science
P.O. Box 784
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Office Phone: 414-229-4987
Lab Phone: 414-229-6894
Fax: 414-229-6958