Center for Composite Materials

Center Profile

The UW-Milwaukee Center for Composite Materials and Solidification Processing Laboratory was established to provide a link between the materials processing industry and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and to serve as a resource for the development of advanced composite materials. 

The main missions of the center include:

  • Education and training of engineers to supply industry, especially the foundry industry in Wisconsin and the Midwest;
  • Research and development of new composite materials and processing methods;
  • Outreach to the community at large to encourage and facilitate the development and use of composite materials.

Since 1986, the UW-Milwaukee Center for Composite Materials has received nearly 40 research grants. A total of 14 faculty members support its research and development efforts.

Current research efforts include the solidification synthesis and characterization of metal matrix-nanoparticle and nanotube composites; aluminum-silicon carbide composites for lightweight brake rotors and computer components, currently being manufactured at Eck Industries in Wisconsin; composites with improved machinability and self-lubricating composites; Ultralight metals incorporating hollow microballoons that have applications in automotive and small engines, as well as in the biomedical industry, and active and self healing metal matrix micro and nanocomposites.

For further information please contact:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Center for Composite Materials
Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi, Director
Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor
UWM College of Engineering and Applied Science
P.O. Box 784
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Office Phone: 414-229-4987
Lab Phone: 414-229-6894
Fax: 414-229-6958

Please visit also the Center for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (CAMM) Web site.