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Department Chair
Associate Professor
• Thermolpastic extrusion and foaming processes;
• Polymer foam nanocomposites - synthesis and characterization;
• Water applications of polymer nanocomposites;
• Polymer Solar Cells; Polymer films and coatings.
BAKER, George
Professor Emeritus
CHEN, Junhong
• Nanoparticle synthesis, assembly, and nanofabrication;
• Energy conversion, storage, and conservation;
• Nanostructure-based gas sensors, biosensors, and water sensors;
• Carbon nanotubes, graphene, and hybrid nanomaterials;
• Pollution control; and corona discharges and plasma reacting flows
CHURCH, Benjamin
Assistant Professor
• Alloys for fuel cell applications;
• High temperature oxidation and corrosion;
• Novel processing of ceramics, metals, and composites;
• Physical metallurgy;
• Brazing;
• Thermal analysis of materials;
• Thermodynamics;
• Processing-structure-property relations;
• Electron microscopy;
• X-ray diffraction.
Assistant Professor
• Composite Materials and Structures;
• Experimental and Numerical Fracture Mechanics;
• Aircraft Structural Analysis;
• Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Composites;
• Sustainable Material Design;
• Effects of Manufacturing Anomalies on Structural Design.
KIM, Changsoo
Assistant Professor
• Multi-scale (nano, meso, and macro scales) computational materials science;
• Drug delivery;
• Structures in nano, bio materials;
• Phase transformation;
• Microstructure/Crystallography;
• Structure-property relationships;
• Surface/interface phenomena.
• Diffusional Processes;
• Hydrogen Effects in Solids;
• High Temperature Phase Stability.
NEUMANN, Joachim
Professor Emeritus
• Extractive Metallurgy;
• Physical Metallurgy;
• Phase Diagrams;
• Structure-Property Relations;
• X-ray Diffraction;
• Thermodynamics;
• Degradation of Materials.
ROHATGI, Pradeep
UWM Distinguished Professor
• Foundry Technology;
• Solidification Processing;
• Composite Materials;
• Alloy Development;
• Specialty Aluminum and Steels;
• Bulk Nanostructured Alloys and Nanocomosites;
• Rapid Mobile Manufacture;
• Materials Policy.
SOBOLEV, Konstantin
Associate Professor
Associate Vice Chancellor
Associate Professor
• Heat Treatment;
• Corrosion;
• Metal Casting;
• Welding;
• Manufacturing Processes;
• Phase Transformation - Thermodynamics and Kinetics;
• Materials Selection.
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