Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Please find below the list of Mechanical Engineering faculty:

AMANO, Ryoichi
• Computational Fluid Dynamics;
• Turbomachinery;
• Rotating Machines;
• Heat/Mass Transfer;
• Metal Matrix Composites;
• Environmental Remedial Technology;
• Micro-Biological Transport Phenomena;
• Aerodynamics;
• Propulsion Engineering.
Assistant Professor
• Advanced modeling techniques for solving multiphysics problems
• Reduced-order and real-time coupled-field simulations
• Design and characterization of micro-mechanical sensors and actuators
• Computational biomechanics
• Finite element method
• Fiber Bragg gratings
Associate Professor
• Spine Biomechanics
• Biomechanics of the Hand
• Ergonomics and Injury Prevention
• Kinematics and Kinetics of Human Motion
• Tissue Biomechanics
• Human Performance
CHANG, Woo-Jin
Assistant Professor
• Biosensor, BioMEMS and microfluidic device development
• Field effect transistor (FET) biosensor
• Microfluidic aqueous two-phase extraction system
• Microfluidic cell culture and monitoring
• High throughput micro-droplet technology
• Water contamination and quality monitoring
• Dissolved gas sensing
• Cell separation and identification
• Cell surface analysis
• Real-time bioreaction monitoring
• Rapid pathogenic microorganisms detection
CHEN, Junhong
• Nanoparticle synthesis, assembly, and nanofabrication;
• Energy conversion, storage, and conservation;
• Nanostructure-based gas sensors, biosensors, and water sensors;
• Carbon nanotubes, graphene, and hybrid nanomaterials;
• Pollution control; and corona discharges and plasma reacting flows
CONSI, Thomas
Assistant Professor
Development of marine robots for scientific research and environmental monitoring
D'SOUZA, Roshan
Associate Professor
• Complex systems simulation;
• Data-parallel algorithms;
• Computational biology;
Department Chair
Associate Professor
• CAD;
• Design Optimization;
• Homotopy Methods;
• Fuzzy Set Theory;
• Finite Elements.
LI, Ying
Assistant Professor
• Fuels from sunlight (photoreduction of CO2 to fuels; solar hydrogen; concentrated solar reactor)
• CO2 capture and utilization (functionalized CO2 sorbents; CO2 fixation by microalgae)
• Nanomaterial synthesis and characterization
• Energy storage devices
• Pollution control (emissions control from combustion sources; atmospheric pollutants; wastewater treatment)
• Aerosol science and technology
LOVELL, Michael
UWM Chancellor
Wisconsin Distinguished Professor
• Tribology;
• Materials Processing;
• Product Realization
Assistant Professor
• Self-organization at the interface (self-healing, self-lubrication, self-cleaning)
• Biomimetic surfaces, including novel applications of the Lotus effect
• Adhesion and capillary force
• Scaling laws in tribology
• Contact mechanics and dynamic friction
PEREZ, Ronald
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Administration
Associate Professor
• Control Theory and Applications;
• Robust Multivariable Control;
• Robotics;
• Neural Network;
• Fuzzy Logic;
• System Modeling.
PILLAI, Krishna
Associate Professor
• Flow and Transport in Porous Media (Modeling liquid motion through fiber bed during processing of polymer composites, Wicking of liquids in rigid as well as swelling porous substrates, Evaporation of Multicomponent Liquids);
• Computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer;
• Rheology of polymers.
Associate Professor
• Laser diagnostics of combustion processes;
• Combustion chemical kinetics;
• Alternative fuels;
• Engineering education;
• Internal-combustion engines;
• Air pollution minimization;
• Optics;
• Fluid mechanics;
• Gas dynamics;
• Energy efficiency;
• Lubrication.
Associate Professor
• Computational and experimental methods in heat and mass transfer;
• Radon entry dynamics, transport and innovative mitigation techniques;
• Convective transport in porous media;
• Multiphase flow and heat transfer;
• Energy conversion;
• Energy conservation; heat transfer augmentation;
• Data acquisition and instrumentation;
• Aerosol science;
• Indoor air quality and pollution control;
• Engineering education.
ROHATGI, Pradeep
UWM and Wisconsin Distinguished Professor
• Foundry Technology;
• Solidification Processing;
• Composite Materials;
• Alloy Development;
• Specialty Aluminum and Steels;
• Bulk Nanostructured Alloys and Nanocomosites;
• Rapid Mobile Manufacture;
• Materials Policy.
WORNYOH, Emmanuel
Assistant Professor
• In Situ self-replenishing solid/powder lubrication
• Fundamental tribodynamics applied to fluid- and solid-/powder-based mixed- and/or boundary-lubrication systems
• Frictional heating in extreme-speed (up to hypersonic) flows
• Tribology-based green (environmentally-benign) manufacturing.
• Nanotribology using atomic force microscopy-based in situ tribometry and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of micro- and nano-scale systems
• Front-end energy diagnostics (FEEDs) of small-, medium-, and large-scale energy systems

YUAN, Chris
Assistant Professor
• Sustainable design and manufacturing
• Greenhouse gas management and mitigation
• Life Cycle Assessment(LCA)and Engineering
• Sustainability of nanotechnology
• Manufacturability and scale-up of nano-manufacturing
• Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) of nano-scale thin films
• Nano-materials/structure for sustainable energy development
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Mechanical Engineering Emeriti
BALMER, Robert
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
NEUSEN, Keneth
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus
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