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UW-Milwaukee - Center for Economic Development

The Center for Economic Development is a central part of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee's mission to apply university-based research and technical expertise to improve the quality of life in our region.

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Labor Market Analysis

Welfare Reform Policy

Nonprofit Development/Capacity Building


Economic/Social Impact Analysis

Income/Racial Disparities


Brownfields Research

CED in the News

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Monthly Employment Watch

Monthly Employment Watch Series Discontinued

snapshotData Snapshots

The Economic Challenges Facing Milwaukee's Inner City, ( PowerPoint 70kb, pdf 59kb )

Research Publications

New! Public Transit and Access to Jobs in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, 2001-2014, January 2015, by Joel Rast
Full Report (pdf - 2.3mb)

New! Zipcode 53206: A Statistical Snapshot of Inner City Distress in Milwaukee: 2000-2012, November 2014, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 592kb)

New! Is Wisconsin Becoming a Low-Wage Economy?, October 2014,
by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 418kb)

Nine Charts on Recent Trends in Employment Growth in Wisconsin, September 2014, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 1 mb)

The Lag Continues: Comparing Employment Growth in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the Nation Over the Past Decade: December 2002-2013 (Q4), June 2014, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 1.1 mb)

Gauging Employment Growth in Wisconsin: State-By-State Comparisons, March 2014, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 1 mb)

How Does Employment Growth in Wisconsin Compare to Other States Over the Past Decade?, January 2014, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 1 mb)

The State of Black Owned Businesses in Milwaukee, September 2013, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 1 mb)

Perspectives on the Current State Of the Milwaukee Economy, July 2013, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 8 mb)

... more Publications