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Milwaukee Business Journal

New! JobLines: An Analysis of Milwaukee County Transit System Routes 6 and 61, October 2018, by Joel Rast
Full Report (pdf – 1,821KB)

Funds running out for JobLines bus routes, threatening Waukesha County employers, workersMilwaukee Business Journal

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee-area Latino population skyrockets
By Jesse Garza
May 5, 2016

TPP: Bad for Wisconsin working families
By Marina Dimitrijevic
October 12, 2015

Milwaukee's downtown renaissance helps the entire region
By David D. Hayes
May 28, 2015

The failure of economic development in Baltimore – and Milwaukee
By Marc V. Levine
May 22, 2015

Here are the facts on Wisconsin's economy
By Marc Levine
May 11, 2015

Wisconsin tops nation in black joblessness, study finds
By John Schmid
March 26, 2015

Urban-suburban divide seen in Milwaukee area's employment gains
By Rick Romell
December 7, 2014

There's more to this fish story
By David D. Haynes
December 1, 2014

Sex and the single perch: Saving a species
By David D. Haynes
November 28, 2014

Low-wage jobs grew fastest in Wisconsin since 2000, new study says
By Rick Romell
October 29, 2014

The real reason Wisconsin growth lags? It's not Gov. Scott Walker
By Agustin Ramirez
July 3, 2014

Gov. Scott Walker to blame for poor job growth
By Marc V. Levine
June 28, 2014

60 years after Brown v. Board of education, intense segregation returns
By Erin Richards and Lydia Mulvany
May 17, 2014

Mayor Tom Barrett: Jobs, neighborhoods among priorities for 2014
By Don Walker
January 4, 2014

Mayor Tom Barrett: Jobs, neighborhoods among priorities for 2014
By Don Walker
January 4, 2014

Report underlines Milwaukee area's jobs issue: Transportation
Lack of bus routes to work in suburbs remains a problem, study says
By Lydia Mulvany
December 28, 2013

Newly appointed task force to study more than Bradley Center
Yearlong process to look at future of cultural institutions in region
By Don Walker
October 25, 2013

HUD to say soon whether city violated hiring requirements at Westlawn
By Annysa Johnson
August 25, 2013

Few employers show up to recruit MATC students
By Rick Barrett
April 9, 2013

The myth of the skills gap
View from the Heartland
By Barbara Miner
February 22, 2013

No economic rationale for subsidizing an arena
By Marc V. Levine
Nov 10, 2012

Walker's jobs record an unmitigated disaster
By Marc V. Levine
June 2, 2012

Walker and Barrett duel over job trends in Wisconsin, and Milwaukee
By Craig Gilbert
May 1, 2012

State forms task force to study minority joblessness
By John Schmid
March 23, 2012

A Milwaukee jobs act
Editorial Page - Opinion
By Jennifer Epps-Addison, Willie Brisco, Dana Schultz and Christine Neumann-Ortiz
February 18, 2012

Milwaukee needs manufacturing renaissance
Editorial Page - Opinion
By Reggie Newson
February 14, 2012

Master Lock succeeds as surrounding area fails
By John Schmid
February 13, 2012

Milwaukee should get busy and write a strategic plan
February 4, 2012

In wake of dismal statistics, let's boost opportunities
High school students need multiple pathways, one of the many ideas worth considering as the city faces large-scale black male unemployment
January 26, 2012

Black male unemployment is our most pressing issue
By Willie L. Hines Jr.
January 26, 2012

Job numbers evident in inner city
By Eugene Kane
January 25, 2012

A devastating blow to blacks
By Ralph Hollmon
January 21, 2012

Employment of black men drops drastically
By John Schmid
January 23, 2012

It's no time for another cut to UW System
By William L. Holahan and Marc V. Levine
November 15, 2011

Bus riders don't seem to get a fair shake
By Eugene Kane
September 28, 2011

Editorial: Transit needed for jobs
September 27, 2011

Transit cuts put jobs out of reach of workers without cars
By Larry Sandler
September 25, 2011

Third Ward's gains are north side's pains
By Bill Glauber and Ben Poston
April 30, 2011

You heard it here first: Tax the rich and solve budget shortfall
By Marc V. Levine
February 26, 2011

Milwaukee ranks in economic middle of 18 peers
Study finds manufacturing job losses, but gains in other areas
By Bill Glauber
December 5, 2010

Editorial: It's time to address black male unemployment
November 6, 2010

Will job creation start right away?
Candidates made plenty of promises on way to election
By Eugene Kane
November 1, 2010

University, business partnerships urged to create more start-ups
By Tom Daykin
October 25, 2010

Milwaukee now fourth poorest city in nation
City's poverty rate in 2009 rises to 27%, Census says
By Bill Glauber and Ben Poston
September 28, 2010

Editorial: The Faces of Poverty
September 25, 2010

This message from your transit committee
By The Transit Services Advisory Committee
March 13, 2010

UWM stays dedicated to Wauwatosa research facility
By Tom Daykin
October 27, 2009

UWM as economic engine? Dream on
Research schools unlikely to foster economic development in region
By Marc Levine
October 3, 2009

Black, male, jobless: Rate mired near 50%
Milwaukee fifth-worst among 35 metro areas
By Joel Dresang
October 2, 2009

City is 11th poorest in nation
Poverty rate dropped slightly, but '09 rise likely
By Ben Poston
September 28, 2009

City employment falls again
By Joel Dresang
July 31, 2009

Up to 57% of Milwaukee area's African-American males jobless
By Joel Dresang
June 19, 2009

Milwaukee lost greater percentage of jobs than most major U.S. cities
By Joel Dresang
May 4, 2009

Poor areas don't show on aid radar
Formula for funds gives no breaks to Milwaukee, Racine counties
By Tom Held and Ben Poston
April 27, 2009

Study puts metro area low on 'job sprawl' scale
By Joel Dresang
April 7, 2009

Businesses should back greater unionization
By Michael Rosen, Marc Levine and Cheryle Maranto
April 4, 2009

Governments face opportunities, difficulties
They must decide on projects quickly
By Patrick Marley, Dave Umhoefer and Ben Poston
March 12, 2009

Jobs report shows recent losses
Yet long-term decline troubles UWM analyst
By Joel Dresang
February 15, 2009

It's no time to cut public investments
By John Davis, Charity Eleson, Marc V. Levine, William Holahan, Andrew Reschovsky, Michael Rosen and Karen Royster
February 14, 2009

Milwaukee-area jobless rate reaches record for December
By Joel Dresang
January 29, 2009

Sick pay is smart economically
By Marc Levine and Michael Rosen
January 22, 2009

Area's jobless rate lower than in 40 of largest metro areas
By Rick Romell
January 7, 2009

Congress extends jobless benefits
Senate OKs move as unemployment claims rise
By Joel Dresang
November 20, 2008

Job situation still worsening
Milwaukee hits lowest August employment level in 19 years
By Joel Dresang
October 20, 2008

Report decries transit cutbacks
It pushes sales tax to save bus routes, jobs
By Larry Sandler
October 18, 2008

Joblessness adds strain to fatherhood
By Eugene Kane
October 13, 2008

Milwaukee's black/white jobless gap is highest in U.S.
By Joel Dresang
October 12, 2008

'Green' projects create jobs, report says
Federal incentives would help cities like Milwaukee boost employment
By Joel Dresang
September 9, 2008

City has nation's 7th highest poverty rate
Waukesha County among lowest, Census Bureau says
By Bill Glauber and Ben Poston
August 27, 2008

Dim light at the end of the tunnel
The region needs higher wattage ideas for transit
By Marc V. Levine
June 27, 2008

Employment declines a bit in Milwaukee as jobless rate improves
By Joel Dresang
June 10, 2008

State's jobless rate falls
But nearly 19,000 jobs have been lost since April 2007, government surveys report
By Joel Dresang
May 15, 2008

Recession builds in city, report says
By Joel Dresang
April 28, 2008

Miller Park: Economic promises got it built. Has it paid?
The team is successful, stadium may draw 3 million this year, but economists debate whether the community is benefiting
By Don Walker
April 3, 2008

Milwaukee is still losing jobs
Study finds city is faring worse than most of its peers
By Joel Dresang
March 24, 2008

Job report for city sobering
Milwaukee rises in ranking but still seen as vulnerable
By Joel Dresang
February 13, 2008

Analyst fears local recession
Employment growth minimal, UWM researcher reports
By Joel Dresang
January 24, 2008

Savoring the suburbs
Jacquelyne Chesser represents a new generation of black women entrepreneurs who are venturing into nearby suburbs
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
December 25, 2007

Labor nominee urges hiring of disabled
Employers are realizing benefit, he says
By Joel Dresang
December 12, 2007

Jobless rate racially split
Nearly half of black men not in labor force, UWM study finds
By Joel Dresang
October 29, 2007

Music legend gives back to community
by Tannette Johnson-Elie
October 23, 2007

City jobless rate is 2nd worst
In U.S., only Detroit is higher
By Joel Dresang
October 16, 2007

Editorial: Still more to be done
Forty years after open housing marches shook Milwaukee, extreme segregation persists and black joblessness has worsened. Is it time for a new movement?
October 1, 2007

A new start for African American Chamber
Strategic plan brings change in leadership, call for cooperation
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
September 18, 2007

Head west on North Ave. for a civics lesson
By Barbara Miner
September 15, 2007

Poverty worsens in city; 26% live below the line
Milwaukee has 8th-highest rate of large U.S. cities
By Bill Glauber and Ben Poston
August 28, 2007

Recovery of jobs lagging in city
Employment remains 7% behind '00 level, report says
By Joel Dresang
August 20, 2007

Campaign for jobs launched
Group wants city to set hiring requirements on building projects
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Tom Heinen
August 15, 2007

Graphic: Metropolitan employment and race

4 decades later, poverty persists
Where riots raged, signs of progress, decay
By Erica Perez and Dani McClain
July 31, 2007

Small manufacturer a microcosm of jobs migration
Company's move reflects larger patterns in region
By Erica Perez
July 31, 2007

Summer corps an entry to workplace
Program teaches teens stewardship, leadership, job skills
By Joel Dresang
July 7, 2007

Wisconsin's growth is slower than nation's
State's reliance on manufacturing is key
By Avrum D. Lank
June 8, 2007

It's about job shortage, not skills mismatch
By Marc Levine
May 25, 2007

Editorial: Fixing what ails W-2
It ended welfare as we knew it, but not, as was promised, poverty as we knew it.
A new critique suggests reforms, but it shares some of the program's flawed premises.
April 11, 2007

Editorial: Job creation vs. training
Black male joblessness remains super high in Milwaukee, but for the first time in 35 years, it dipped, research shows. Metro leaders must fan this trend through job creation
March 22, 2007

Black male joblessness takes rare fall
Milwaukee's slight decline is first in 30 years, study shows
By John Schmid
March 12, 2007

Editorial: The disconnect between W-2 and progress
December 2, 2006

Developing jobs or developing real estate?
Forum report stimulates productive debate
By Marc V. Levine
December 2, 2006

Week in Review
Inner city incomes fall 1.9% in 2005, report says
December 2, 2006

Editorial: Inner city job growth is critical to regional economic health
December 1, 2006

Central city poorer than ever, report shows
Leaders say inner-city poverty hurts suburbs, too
By John Schmid
November 27, 2006

Inner city's steady decline demands an economic plan
By Gregory Stanford
November 25, 2006

Meeting the future
Some say it's time to expand the Midwest Airlines Center
By Tom Daykin
Posted: October 25, 2006

Miller Park's impact put at $327 million
But critic of study thinks figure is inflated
By Tom Haudricourt and Don Walker
October 6, 2006

Linking dads with jobs might solve other issues
Tannette Johnson-Elie
September 26, 2006

Direct Supply to add 1,000 jobs
Company's expansion is major boost for city's northwest side
By Tom Daykin
June 30, 2006

Expansion begins at Midtown Center
Owner adding 100,000 square feet of stores, aiming for more city projects
By Tom Daykin
May 16, 2006

Economy of inner city improves, yet lags
Residents still struggle without access to family-supporting jobs, study says
By Tom Daykin
May 14, 2006

Area expected to survive Delphi closures
Economic change has already begun
By Avrum D. Lank
March 31, 2006

W-2 pimps aren't the ones struggling
By Eugene Kane
Posted: March 6, 2006

3 agencies keep control of W-2 program
But 7 other firms will help with job development, placement
By Steve Schultze
September 8, 2005

Wisconsin Works program needs some fine-tuning
By Pamela Fendt
September 17, 2005

Is it true what they say about Milwaukee?
By Jan Uebelherr
July 30, 2005 jul05/343875.asp

Public investments can be better spent
By Marc V. Levine and Michael Rosen
June 18, 2005

A downtown boost--or threat?
Supporters say all will benefit from visitors and dollars PabstCity attracts, but some area business
By Tom Daykin
June 18, 2005

Experts try to predict the potential of PabstCity
By Tom Daykin
June 5, 2005

PabstCity's glass half empty?
Report questions whether development can do all it promises, forcing delay of vote on city funds
By Tom Daykin
June 3, 2005

Income is more like outgo for southeastern Wisconsin
A new study says earning power has flowed out of the region over the past decade
By Paul Gores
May 14, 2005

Critics recommend overhaul of W-2
Troubled program needs better oversight, they say
By Steve Schultze
April 27, 2005

Spending on tots pays, report finds
Higher priority sought for preschool programs
By Joel Dresang
April 18, 2005

Milwaukee County continues to lose population
Net loss was 4,125 in 2003-'04 period; metro area overall shows small gain
By Steve Schultze
April 14, 2005

W-2's poor stay poor, audit finds
Most still earn poverty wages after leaving welfare program
By Steve Schultze
April 7, 2005

Household income comes up short
Milwaukee area remains behind region, nation as it suffers from loss of manufacturing jobs
By Avrum D. Lank
March 4, 2005

W-2 plan criticized
Providers take aim at Doyle's idea to reduce funding for program
By Steve Schultze
February 19, 2005

Pay floor boost goes to council
Supporters say move will prompt state action
By Greg J. Borowski and Joel Dresang
February 17, 2005

Franklin considers adding 2 tax financing districts
By Annysa Johnson
February 9, 2005

OIC loses more of its W-2 contract
State takes away another $10.1 million and 2,000 clients
By Steve Schultze
December 9, 2004

Hit by a global train
By John Schmid
December 5, 2004

State postpones its decision on OIC's fate
Troubled W-2 agency could see contract cut
By Steve Schultze
November 19, 2004

The jobs come back
The job market is coming back, and the Milwaukee area is ahead of the curve for once.
By Rick Romell
November 6, 2004

Reclaiming the Valley
By Laura Hunt.
UWM Today, Vol. 6, No. 3, Fall 2004, pp. 10-14. (pdf 142k)

MMFHC Fair Housing Keys newsletter article by Marc Levine.
Citizens and MMFHC Respond to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Article: Getting the Facts Right on Segregation in Milwaukee (pdf - 17k)

Incomes in city drop 10% since 2000, census figures show
By Tom Held
September 6, 2004

Marc Levine 'Takes Five'
Studying labor is all in a day's work
Interview with Kelly Wells
September 5, 2004

Event drives businesses
Numbers uncertain, but hopes are high
By Rick Romell
August 8, 2004

Blacks outpace whites in business startups, but see less success
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
June 29, 2004

Council panel rejects Park East pay plan
Proposal would require union-level wages
By Tom Daykin
June 10, 2004

Jobs picture incomplete
Federal definition of unemployed leaves out many
By Joel Dresang
April 3, 2004

Black brain-drain still a reality for city
Luring, keeping young professionals is crucial
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
November 12, 2003

Challenge: Making a system work
By Bob Peterson
September 12, 2003

Rolled Over by Unemployment
Milwaukee's African-Americans hit hardest
By Marc V. Levine
August 30, 2003

'Stealth depression' seen in some neighborhoods
Minority unemployment high, report says
By Joel Dresang
August 25, 2003

Job crunch tests W-2 system
Many people are finding themselves returning to state work program
By Felicia Thomas-Lynn
July 30, 2003

Convention bookings drop 21% here last year
Other cities with bigger halls did better, bureau chief says
By Rick Romell
Last Updated: July 28, 2003

Summit speakers grim on Milwaukee renewal
But others celebrate current development in region
By Georgia Pabst
June 3, 2003

GOP doesn't extend compassion to poor
By Eugene Kane
May 24, 2003

GOP rejects W-2 expansion
Doyle seeks to let new moms get grants for 6 months, not 3
By Steven Walters
May 20, 2003

Concentrated poverty declines in metro area
Drop attributed to 1990s boom, improved housin
By Felicia Thomas-Lynn
May 3, 2003

Blacks in metro area making financial strides, census shows
Gains seen in housing and education, but racial disparities remain
By Felicia Thomas-Lynn
February 25, 2003

Commitment to Care Pays Off
Minority-owned child centers overcome burdens of the industry
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
February 18, 2003

Life in Milwaukee, black and white
Recent study denies realities of race here
By Marc V. Levine, Gregory D. Squires and John F. Zip
January 18, 2003

Point, counterpoint on reporting
By Bruce Murphy
January 18, 2003

Color lines are fading in city neighborhoods
By Bruce Murphy
January 11, 2003

Inner city limping along
Losses of families, jobs have hurt, says UWM study
By Leonard Sykes Jr. and Tannette Johnson-Elie
November 4, 2002

Report hints minorities face bias in W-2
Blacks, Hispanics lose benefits for sanctions more than whites
By Tom Held
October 22, 2002

Income fuels mortgage gap
Experts say other factors contribute to racial disparity
By Paul Gores
October 13, 2002

Agency late in filing W-2 extensions, state says
By Tom Held
September 27, 2002

South side lifts itself, a bit, out of poverty
Census tracts still show huge income gaps
By Leonard Sykes Jr.
September 26, 2002

Racial gap in pay runs deep
Disparity among blacks, whites remains sharp, census shows
By Dennis Chaptman abd Vikki Ortiz
September 25, 2002

With a bit of Magic, big-name franchises move into inner cities
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
September 24, 2002

Child care industry tops $203 million in county
Rapidly growing business is critical part of area's infrastructure, study says
By Felicia Thomas-Lynn
September 21, 2002

Some celebrate, some mourn at W-2 party
Groundbreaking welfare reform marks 5-year anniversary
By Linda Spice
September 3, 2002

Milwaukee's needs grow as its political clout shrinks
City may find it tough to carry out its agenda
By Steven Walters and Greg Borowski
September 2, 2002

Community's fate tied to strength of families
Weak homes, economics hurt children's chances
By Alan J. Borsuk
June 30, 2002

Welfare rolls plunge in state
But figures show fewer gains against poverty, especially in Milwaukee
By Steve Schultze and Tom Held
June 5, 2002

Convention bookings drop 21% here last year
Other cities with bigger halls did better, bureau chief says
By Rick Romell
March 3, 2002

Ozaukee County moves up the wealth chart
By Jeff Cole
February 9, 2002

Someone is always going to feel left out
Redistricting plan would mix Milwaukee, part of Ozaukee
By Mike Nichols
January 19, 2002

Kmart could harm central city, critic says
By Tom Daykin
January 17, 2002

Businesses thrive serving growing Hispanic community
By Tannette Johnson-Elie
January 14, 2002

Gap in prosperity is growing, report warns
Flush times in '90s did little for central city
By Joel Dresang
January 6, 2002

A bigger convention center
From the Journal Sentinel
January 6, 2002

Clock ticking on upgrade of convention center
Soft bookings, state budget deficit could sink plans to add more space
By Greg J. Borowski
January 1, 2002

A frayed social safety net
From the Journal Sentinel
January 1, 2002

Miller Park impact study disputed
Economic affect on area overstated, economist says
By Don Walker
December 14, 2001

Weakening economy tightens belt on business diversity programs
By Tannette Johnson-Eli
October 22, 2001

Minorities at extra disadvantage in travel layoffs
By Tannette Johnson-Eli
October 8, 2001

Making it in Milwaukee
From the Journal Sentinel
August 16, 2001

Rejuvenation resentment
Prosperity in Brewers Hill area has some people feeling left out
By Greg J. Borowski
May 26, 2001

Somber news for black retailers
By Tannette Johnson-Eli
May 21, 2001

A winning play?
Stadium's done, but debate over its value to area isn't finished
By Don Walker
April 5, 2001

City drops 2 spots in population rankings
At No. 19, Milwaukee's civic pride isn't bruised, Norquist says
By Mike Johnson
March 30, 2001

Minorities moving from city, but slowly
Majority of blacks in region have not migrated to suburbs
By Leonard Sykes Jr. and Annysa Johnson
March 11, 2001

City population lowest since 1940
Minorities outnumber whites in city for first time
By Alan J. Borsuk and Leonard Sykes Jr.
March 8, 2001

Tightening up in tough times
By Tannette Johnson-Eli
February 26, 2001

Seeking an icon
Milwaukee hopes Calatrava addition will give the rest of the world something to talk about
By Karen Herzog
June 10, 2000

Report finds few gains by blacks in Milwaukee in 1990s
Urban League cites negatives in employment, health, housing, justice
By Dave Umhoefer
February 23, 2000

Study finds gap between Head Start, other services
By Joel Dresang
November 13, 1999

U.S. Census Bureau claims city lost 7.9% of population in '90s
But state, MPS figures show Milwaukee with more moderate losses
By Jack Norman
June 29, 1999

W-2: Child care cost would drop for families
By Margo Huston
January 28, 1999

W-2 Families say they're just getting by
Poll finds people working but having harder time making ends meet
By Joel Dresang
January 14, 1999

Working for a living, loving what they do
Milwaukee Journal, The
by Alan J. Borsuk
Feb 12, 1995

Audio/Video/Online Broadcasts

Inside the mind of white America
BBC News
By Clive Myrie
June 16, 2016

Watershed Study Analyzes State of Milwaukee's Latino Community
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radion
By Mitch Teich
May 17, 2016

Study details Latino impact on Metro Milwaukee
Milwaukee Independent
May 14, 2016

Too Many Candles: Milwaukee Gun Violence
Wisconsin Public Television
May 9, 2016

Study: Milwaukee Area's Latino Population Has Tripled
Wisconsin Public Radio
By Kyla Calvert Mason
May 5, 2016

Latino population accounts for all of area's net growth, study finds
BizTimes - Milwaukee Business News
By Ben Stanley
May 5, 2016

Segregation: Milwaukee's tale of two cities
CBS 58 - WDJT Milwaukee
By Sachelle Saunders
December 30, 2015

Wisconsin Has Seen Largest Middle-Class Decline Of Any State, Study Finds
Wisconsin Public Radio
By Scottie Lee Meyers
April 2, 2015

Wisconsin's Shrinking Middle Class
Wisconsin Public Radio
By Marika Suval
April 2, 2015

Black Nouveau - Program #2322
Marc Levine discusses what "Right To Work" legislation will mean for the Badger State
Hosted by Joanne Williams

Positive Job Growth Expected to Continue, Some in Milwaukee Question Projected Rate
WUWM Milwaukee Pulic Radio
By Latoya Dennis
December 9, 2014

Why the Predicted Revival of Milwaukee's Poorest Zip Code Hasn't Happened
WUWM Milwaukee Pulic Radio
By Mitch Titch and Michelle Maternowski
November 11, 2014

Study: Wisconsin Job Growth Dominated By Low-Paying Wages
Wisconsin Public Radio
The Kathleen Dunn Show
By Scottie Lee Meyeres October 29, 2014

Walker jobs promise appears out of reach
Interview with Marc Levine and Kurt Bauer
May 25, 2014

Existence of skills gap debated
By Mike Gousha
May 25, 2014

Employers claim they can't find workers who are job-ready
MATC tries to address skills gap
By Kent Wainscott

Wisconsin Lags Behind in Job Growth
Wisconsin Public Radio
By Robyn Cherry
February 19, 2014

Is The Skills Gap Real?
Wisconsin Public Radio
By Patty Murray
February 18, 2014

Milwaukee the Silicon Valley of Water Technology
AlJazeera America
on Real Money with Ali Velshi
September 24, 2013

Milwaukee faces racial disparity in employment
By AlJazeeraEnglish

Newsmakers: The Skills Gap Myth
WisconsinEye Public Affairs Network
Hosted by Steve Walters
June 28, 2013

At Issue for Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Wisconsin Public Radio
Hosted by John Munson
June 18, 2013

Milwaukee Brewers: Is Miller Park Responsible for Strong Ticket Sales?
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio
By Ann-Elise Henzl
April 1, 2013

Black Nouveau examines a new study that says the "Jobs Skills Gap" is a myth
Milwaukee Public Television
Original Airdate: March 26, 2013

Report: Milwaukee's So-Called "Skills Gap" is a Myth
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
By By Mitch Teich
February 27, 2013

Investigating the Employment Gap in Milwaukee's Inner City
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
By Mitch Teich
November 1, 2012

Why Does Milwaukee Have So Few Minority-Owned Businesses?
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI<
By LaToya Dennis
October 16, 2012

Variety of Indicators Needed to Gauge Economy
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
June 18, 2012

Master Lock Insourcing: One Positive Step Or The Start Of A Trend?
February 14, 2012

UWM report looks at unemployment stats for black males
Fox 6 Now
By Sharita Erves
January 24, 2012

Project Milwaukee: Economist Critical of Gov. Walker's Job Claims
Wisconsin Public Radio
December 16, 2011

Walker Protesters Take Jobs Message To Train Maker, Channel 12, ABC,
November 30, 2011

Joy Cardin, Wisconsin could fix its budget shortfall, with guest Marc Levine
Wisconsin Public Radio
Hosted by Joy Cardin
March 3, 2011

At Issue with Ben Merens, Today's job numbers, with guest Marc Levine
Wisconsin Public Radio
Hosted by Ben Merens
March 2, 2011

Black Nouveau, Segment 2
WPTV - Milwaukee Public Television
Hosted by Faithe Colas and Milton F. Dockery
February 16, 2011

Black Nouveau
WPTV - Milwaukee Public Television
Hosted by Faithe Colas and Milton F. Dockery
January 26, 2011

Report: Black Male Joblessness in MKE Rises
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
Hosted by Bonnie North
October 15, 2010

Black Nouveau
WPTV - Milwaukee Public Television
Hosted by Faithe Colas and Milton F. Dockery
October 13, 2010

Can the Next Governor Create Jobs?
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
By Marge Pitrof
October 12, 2010

Milwaukee Black Male Employment Thought to be Higher Than Official Numbers
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
By LaToya Dennis
October 7, 2010

Leaders Hope Others Will Follow Talgo
TMJ4 Television
By Tom Murray
March 3, 2010

Milwaukee ranks behind only Las Vegas & Detroit in percentage of jobs lost
Fox 6 Now
Milwaukee MPTV, Public Television
February 4, 2010,0,2246670.story

What will Milwaukee produce in the 21st Century?
4th Street Forum - #812L
Milwaukee MPTV, Public Television
January 22, 2010

Project Milwaukee: Water Efforts Criticized as Misguided
Lake Effect, Hosted by Erin Toner
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
December 11, 2009

Project Milwaukee: Water Efforts Criticized as Misguided
Lake Effect, Hosted by Erin Toner
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
December 11, 2009

Can water really power Milwaukee's economy?
Lake Effect, Hosted by Bonnie North
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
October 13, 2009

Marc Levine discusses the impact of Milwaukee's level of poverty on the city and the state
At Issue with Ben Merens
Wisconsin Pulic Radio
September 29, 2009

Marc Levine discusses the current job market and economic outlook
At Issue with Ben Merens
Wisconsin Pulic Radio
June 22, 2009

Project Milwaukee Community Forum: Panel Discussion
Guests: Enrique Figueroa, Howard Fuller, Marc Levine, Paula Penebaker, Tim Sheehy
Hosted by Bonnie North
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
June 18, 2009

Quantifying Milwaukee's Segregation
Guests: Marc Levine, Jonathan Gundlach, Temo Xopin, Renee Booker, Kori Schneider-Peragine, Mark Wade
Hosted by Bonnie North
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
June 18, 2009

Effects of Past Discrimination Still Profound
By Bob Bach
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
June 11, 2009

What Stimulus Could Mean For Fragile Workforce
By Susan Bence
WUWM Public Radio, Milwaukee, WI
March 24, 2009

"Be Heard": 4th Street Forum | Work For Minority Men
4th Street Forum at Turner Hall
Alderman Willie Hines, UWM Professor Marc Levine, and the Executive Director of Milwaukee's Housing Authority, Tony Perez"be-heard"-4th-street-forum-work-for-minority-men/

Black Male Unemployment
Marc Levine, interview on WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio
Hosted by Tom Luljak
December 18, 2008

Marc Levine, Recorded Testimony
City of Milwaukee — Legislative Research Center
Communication by Mr. Marc Levine, UWM - Center for Economic Development relating to his Research Update: "The Crisis Continues: Black Male Joblessness in Milwaukee 2007.

At Issue with Ben Merens
Wisconsin Public Radio
October 15, 2008

Jobless rate for Milwaukee black men tops 50 percent
Wisconsin Public Television
October 17, 2008

Tough to find jobs in Buffalo
News 4 -- WIVB Buffalo
October 13, 2008

Milwaukee Has Nation's Second Worst Unemployment Rate, Study Shows
Channel 12 News

WUWM: Project Milwaukee Series
This week, WUWM will put the issue of local economic development under the microscope. The joint effort by WUWM News and Lake Effect is titled "Creating a Vibrant Regional Economy" and will culminate with a community forum on November 15th. Lake Effect's Jane Hampden and WUWM's Bob Bach talk about the genesis of the project. Professor Marc Levine joins a panel of local economic development experts discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the Milwaukee regional economy. Thursday, November 15, 2007 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Listen to the online broadcast at:

WUWM: Project Milwaukee Series
Lake Effect kicks off WUWM's Project Milwaukee series with Marc Levine, founding director of the Center for Economic Development at UW-Milwaukee. Professor Levine talks with Jane Hampden about unemployment and job creation in Southeast Wisconsin, and efforts to develop a regional economy. Listen to the online broadcast at:

Community and Economic Development Committee
Marc Levine's testimony before the the Community and Economic Development Committee of the Milwaukee Common Council regarding the recent UWMCED report "The Crisis of Black Male Joblessness in Milwaukee: Trends, Explanations, and Policy Options."
rtsp:// cloakport=80,554,7070

Prof. Levine's testimony begins at 1:38:40 and lasts for over an hour; move the "clip position" button to the right to the desired time. The attached file is a Real Media file and will be streamed to your computer. If you have trouble viewing the streamed media please be patient--it is a relatively large file. If you still have trouble accessing it, make sure you have the latest "RealPlayer" loaded on your machine. To obtain a free copy of the RealPlayer, download the Basic Player at the Real site.

New study calls Pabst City a 'risky project' (June 8, 2005)
A report by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Center for Economic Development says Milwaukee's 300 million dollar Pabst City undertaking has 'questionable public benefits'. Author of the study, UWM Professor Marc Levine, tells WUWM's Bob Bach the project has many potential weaknesses. Listen at:

Bill would require new mothers enrolled in Wisconsin's W2 program to take parenting classes and meet with an employment planner
A bill requiring new mothers enrolled in Wisconsin's W2 program to take parenting classes and meet with an employment planner within a month of the baby's birth is discussed on WUWM. Pam Fendt tells 'At Ten' host Robyn Cherry why she opposes the measure. Listen to the interview online at: article&ARTICLE_ID=850698

Contrasting views on the possible relocation of The Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Should the casino move downtown, bringing all those gamblers with it? Opposing views from Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Marc Levine, director of the Center for Economic Development are presented. Dave Edwards interviews the mayor; Jane Hampden talks with Levine. Listen to the report at:

Inflated projections and dubious assumptions
UWMCED Director Marc Levine discusses his views on the proposed 'PabstCity' project in downtown Milwaukee. Jane Hampden talks with Levine about his the report on the project. Listen to the report at:

La classe créative et la prospérité urbaine: mythes et réalités
View the online presentation by the Center's Marc V. Levine. Professor Levine critiques the underlying assumptions of Richard Florida's "creative class" thesis. Presented at the Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique at the INRS Urbanisation, Culture et Société, Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Université du Québec, Montréal, Canada. View the entire presentation at:

To download a copy of the presentation, click on our publications link

Quebec: The French Side of Canada
Marc Levine discusses the current state of Canada and its French-speaking province, Quebec, the separatist movement and the former Prime Minister.

Devenir une ville olympique: un cadeau empoisonné?
Marc Levine and others discuss the obstacles and economic consequences cities face when hosting the Olymipic Games. To hear the Radio-Canada broadcast visit:

Other News Sources

An unlikely alliance to connect Milwaukee job-seekers to employers
Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Inc.
Michael Jahr
May 4, 2016

Wisconsin heads to the polls a state divided
By Tony Wagner
April 4, 2016

'Back in time 60 years': America's most segregated city
Toronto Star Touch
By Daniel Dale
January 25, 2016

Kohler Strikers Hold Out for 'a Normal Life'
By Kathy Wilkes
December 04, 2015

Race and Reality: The scourge of segregation
Ray Sanchez
December 1, 2015

UWM researcher says CEO pay is ‘motoring inequality’ in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Jabril Faraj
November 30, 2015

MPD report says south side 911 calls answered twice as fast as north side
Colleen Henry
November 19, 2015

Black leaders point to racism as root cause for joblessness among black men
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
Jabril Faraj
October 30, 2015

MPD chief calls for tougher sentences, gun laws to curb homicides
By Jabril Faraj
Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service
September 9, 2015

Busting the Myth of the Food Desert: A Farmer's Market in Milwaukee Sautés Statistics
In These Times
By John Collins
August 27, 2015

Health Problems Take Root in a West Baltimore Neighborhood That Is Sick of Neglect
New York Times
By Sabrina Tavernise
April 29, 2015

Abele Diminishes Milwaukee County's Representation on MATC Board
Shepherd Express
By Lisa Kaiser
April 7, 2015

Hey, Governors: You Didn’t Build That
March 18, 2015​

Republicans will have to spin struggling state economies in 2016
January 13, 2015

Report: Milwaukee job recovery slower than other Midwest metro areas
December 8, 2014

Increase minimum wage now
Jeanne Larson Phillips
November 21, 2014

View from around the state: Falling wages are hurting Wisconsin
The Daily Reporter
November 12, 2014

Long-term lease may not be feasible for airport
Leader Telegram
Don Huebscher
November 12, 2014

Our view: Falling wages are hurting Wisconsin
La Crosse Tribune
By Tribune editorial board
November 9, 2014

Where The Jobs Are
USA Today
By MaryJo Webster
September 30, 2014

Can Scott Walker Unite the Republicans?
By Robert Draper
September 30, 2014

Don’t Let Scott Walker Distract You From His Economic Record
By Shepherd Express Staff
September 24, 2014

What will take the place of Finkl steel mill?
Crain's Chicago Business
By Meribah Knight and Ryan Ori
September 29, 2014

Ferguson Resulted From Republican Talking Points That Ignore the Economic Segregation of Blacks in America
Huffington Post
By H.A. Goodman
August 15, 2014

New Coalition Tackles Inequality with Creativity
By Erica Breunlin
August 4, 2014

Neoliberal policies destroy human potential and devastate education
Mail & Guardian
By Steven J. Klees
July 18,2014

Comfort Zones
By Larry Sussman
June 30, 2014

Walker's 250K Jobs Promise Won't Likely Be Met By End Of First Term
Wisconsin Public Radio
June 20, 2014

WMC head, UWM professor discuss Wisconsin job creation
May 27, 2014

The Tale of Two Cities
Milwaukee, once a safe haven on the Underground Railroad is now the most segregated city in the country
Think Mag
By Bailey Berg

Fact Check: Gansler's dramatic line on unemployment in Baltimore
The Washington Post
By Jenna Johnson
May 14, 2014

Wisconsin ruling proves Voting Rights Act can still be effective
Milwaukee Courier
By Freddie Allen
May 10, 2014

Newswire: Wisconsin ruling proves Voting Rights Act can still be 'effective'
Green County Democrate
By Freddie Allen
May 7, 2014

Yes, the Skills Gap Is Real
National Review Online
By J.D. Vance
May 6, 2014

Issue of the Week: Walker's Austerity Agenda is Killing Job Creation
Shepard Express
March 28, 2014

The wire, cinq saisons de "social science fiction"
À La Une
By Par Arnaud Devillard
March 23, 2014

Wisconsin Lags Behind in Job Growth
Neighboring States Are Doing Better
Wisconsin Public Radio
by Robyn Cherry
February 19, 2014

Is The Skills Gap Real?
Some Economists Say State's Manufacturing Sector Lacks Qualified Workers Wisconsin Public Radio
By Patty Murray
February 18, 2014

The "Skills Gap" Is a Convenient Myth
by Toni Gilpin
February 2, 2014

Making Waves
Milwaukee Mag
by Rich Rovito
January 30, 2014

The divide between skills and available jobs
Mail Tribune
by Tim Landis
December 23, 2013

Job skills gap widens at high cost to U.S. economy
The Herald News
by Tim Landis
December 20, 2013

New Ranking: Milwaukee Still Country's Most Segregated Metro Area
WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio 89.7
by Stephanie Lecci and Michelle Maternowski
November 27, 2013

Public-private partnerships filling the skills gap
Daily Messenger
by Erinn Cain and Tim Landis
November 17, 2013

Unhappy meal: Fast-food workers want unions, like their elders
AlJazeera America
by Seth Freed Wessler
October 16, 2013

Poor Transit Access and Wisconsin's Staggering Black Incarceration Rate
Streetsblog Capitol Hill
by Angie Schmitt
September 18, 2013

Detroit is America
Artvoice Weekly Edition
by Bruce Fisher
July 25, 2013

Is There or Isn't There a Skills Gap?
imt - Industry Market Trends
by Al Bredenberg
September 18th, 2013

Is There or Isn’t There a Skills Gap?
ThomasNet News
by Al Bredenberg
September 18, 2013

Harbor Point debate looks like deja vu all over again
Controversy follows a familiar pattern in Baltimore
The Baltimore Sun
by Jean Marbella
August 10, 2013

About good people working together
Don't judge the skilled labor crisis by its cover
by Tim Heston
June 28, 2013

State Skills Gap Myth Gets Shot Down Again
Express Milwaukee
by Lisa Kaiser
June 19, 2013

How Milwaukee Could Transform Itself Into the 'Silicon Valley' of Fresh Water
The Atlantic
by Sophie Quinton
June 7, 2013

This Is the Way Blue-Collar America Ends
The Atlantic
by Sophie Quinton
June 5, 2013

The Manufacturing Skills Gap Is Myth
The National Association of Manufacturers Member Focus
by Marc V. Levine
May 2013

Green Infrastructure Boosts Property Values
Express Milwaukee
by Lisa Kaiser
April 30, 2013

Milwaukee emphasizes cool in courting Millennials
by M.L. Johnson, Associated Press
April 18, 2013

New UWM report says NO; ‘Skills Gap’ a Myth
Milwaukee Community Journal
by Mitch Teich
April 1, 2013

WI economic developers fishing for jobs, with fishy jobs numbers
Wisconsin Reporter
by Ryan Ekvall
March 26, 2013

The 'Skills Gap' Myth
The Progressive
by Roger Bybee
March 25, 2013

Help wanted in Wisconsin: Workers with 'middle skills'
by Steven Walters
March 18, 2013

Walker signs bill to close 'skills gap' but immediate impact unexpected
Central Wisconsin Business
by Logan T. Carlson
March 16, 2013

Report: No Skills Gap in Wisconsin or Beyond
by Kenneth Quinnell
March 11, 2013

Study Demolishes the Myth That U.S. Workers Lack Skills
In These times
by Roger Bybee
February 27, 2013

Is the Skills Gap a Myth?
by Lisa Kaiser
February 27, 2013

UWM professor: Wisconsin skills gap a 'myth'
The Business Journal
by Jeff Engel
February 23, 2013

Selig defends sports stadiums funded by taxpayers
by Ryan Ekvall
Wisconsin Reporter
November 28, 2012

The $74 Million Gamble
Urban Milwaukee
by Bruce Murphy
October 17, 2012

Libre opinion - L'effet domino de l'immigration à Montréal
by Michel Paillé
October 9, 2012

Unemployment hits some population groups harder
by Molly Newman
August 20, 2012

Education focus of minority unemployment roundtable
The Business Journal
by Stacy Vogel Davis
June 8, 2012

Task force to address minority unemployment in Milwaukee
The Business Journal
March 23, 2012

Rep. Young creates coalition to address Black male unemployment
Plans to employ 15,000 Black Men in Milwaukee Metro Area
Milwaukee Courier
March 9, 2012

President Obama talks jobs, raises campaign cash during Wednesday Wisconsin visit
February 14, 2012

Replacing Factories With Jails: Just 44% of Milwaukee's Black Men in Workforce
In these Times
by Roger Bybee
February 1, 2012

Hall: "We have to say as a community this is unacceptable"
Third Coast Digest
by Candace Romano
January 30, 2012

The NAACP Milwaukee Branch in response to the report by Dr. Marc Levine and "Call to Action"
Milwaukee Courier
by James Hall
January 28, 2012

Le Reportage de la Rédaction
The Wire Débarque à la Fac

"The Wire", du petit écran à l'amphi
Le Monde Le Magazine

Very high unemployment among Milwaukee-area African-Americans
Sheboygan's Station WHBL News Radio 1330
January 24, 2012

Black male employment hits low
The Business Journal
by Sean Ryan January 13, 2012

Walker Protesters Take Jobs Message To Train Maker
November 30, 2011

HBO's "The Wire" plays leading role in ILS course
by John Lucas
University of Wisconsin–Madison News
November 10, 2011

Can Milwaukee become the Silicon Valley of water?
by Dan Weissmann
WBEZ 91.5
November 8, 2011

A Collective Breath
Chris Stratton
School District of the Menomonie Area
District Administrator Weekly Column

Walker's Cuts Hit Milwaukee County Transit
by Lisa Kaiser
Express Milwaukee
September 28, 2011

Milwaukee Income Drops 22 Percent as Job Threats Continue
by Roger Bybee
In These Times
September 23, 2011

CRE Guide — Take 5 with Joel Rast
by Sean Ryan
The Business Journal
September 7, 2011

Milwaukee area struggles in nurturing minority firms
by Tannette Johnson-Elie
The Business Journal
June 24, 2011

Is It Time for Downtown Shorewood to Grow Up?
by Rory Linnane
Shorewood Patch
May 26, 2011

For Late 'Mr. Mayor,' a Last Tour of Town
by Sabrina Tavernise
New York Times
April 25, 2011

Historians weigh in on the most segregated cities in America
(No. 1 will surprise you)

George Mason University
History News Network
March 31, 2011

The 10 most segregated urban areas in America
The new census numbers provide a sobering reminder of how separate white and black America still are
Daniel Denvir
March 29, 2011

Best Cities For Minority Entrepreneurs
by Brett Nelson
Forbes Blogs
March 23, 2011

Walker's budget plan part of larger class war
by Matt Johnson
Vernon Broadcaster
March 2, 2011

Outside Milwaukee, Water Policy May Drain Cities and Destroy Rural Towns
By Angie Schmitt
January 25, 2011

Census Data Show Rise in College Degrees, but Also in Racial Gaps in Education
By Alex Richards
The Chronicle of Higher Education
January 23, 2011

Entertaining State Tribute packs a punch
The Madison Times
By A. David Dahmer
January 20, 2011

UWM study: More than half of Milwaukee's Black men are out of work
Milwaukee Courier
October 30, 2010

Report: 53% of black males unemployed
The Business Journal
October 25, 2010

More Bad Job Numbers for Milwaukee's Black Men
UWM study confirms persistent racial gap, despite diplomas
By Lisa Kaiser
October 6, 2010

Unemployment task force
The Bay View
June 2, 2010

The Weight of Water
Can Milwaukee become the "Silicon Valley of Water"? Or are promoters of the idea all wet?
Milwaukee Magazine
Barbara Miner
April 19, 2010

A transit revolution approaches, but for whom?
newsbuss, Milwaukee Magazine
Matt Hrodey
April 15, 2010

Milwaukeeans less likely to use commuter rail, estimates say
newsbuss, Milwaukee Magazine
Matt Hrodey
March 19, 2010

Struggling University Students Take on 'Dr. Pepper Spray' in Milwaukee
In These Times
Roger Bybee
March 9, 2010

WisPolitics: Barrett announces Spanish manufacturer coming to Milwaukee in State of City address
By Kay Nolan
February 15, 2010

Waukesha water deal tied to development
The Daily Reporter
Sean Ryan
February 5, 2010

As Milwaukee's Economy Fails, How Can Public Schools Succeed?
In These Times
Roger Bybee
February 4, 2010

WPR Job Series: Minorities take the hardest hits
By Mike Simonson
January 31, 2010

Detroit's unemployment rate is probably near 50 percent
The Michigan Messenger
David Alire Garcia

'True' jobless rate hard to determine
Political reluctance cited among possible hurdles to changing formula for measuring unemployment
The Detroit News
Mike Wilkinson
December 16, 2009

Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed
Analysis shows reported jobless rate understates extent of problem
The Detroit News
Mike Wilkinson
December 16, 2009

NYT Puff Piece on Wisc. 'Recovery' Ignores Mass Unemployment
WORKING in These Times
By Roger Bybee
September 16, 2009

Is Milwaukee's Water Industry Dream a Hoax?
By Bruce Murphy
Milwaukee Magazine
September 29, 2009

UW-Milwaukee's Expansion Plans Move Forward
Engineering school will still move to Wauwatosa
By Lisa Kaiser
Express Milwaukee

Hungry for a job
Food pantries try to help as jobless folks work through other challenges
By Lauren Furlong
Franklin Now
September 9, 2009

Recession taking toll on Milwaukee area's minorities
Black male joblessness could be 60 percent
By Molley Newman
The Business Journal of Milwaukee
July 6, 2009

Infrastructure jobs await federal money
Milwaukee projects could curb unemployment
The Daily Reporter
November 12, 2008

Jobless rate needs addressing
The Business Journal Milwaukee
October 24, 2008

Falling short on training
Second of two parts: New economy asks more of workers, but job help wanes
Baltimore Sun
By Stephen Kiehl and Jamie Smith Hopkins
October 20, 2008,0,3998887.story

Buffalo has nation's highest unemployment rate for black males
The Buffalo News
By Gene Warner
October 15, 2008

Job Study Paints Bleak Outlook For Buffalo Men
WGRZ, Buffalo
October 13, 2008

Report: Black unemployment in Milwaukee increases
Chicago Tribune
October 13, 2008,0,6922979.story

Tough to find jobs in Buffalo
News 4 -- WIVB Buffalo
October 13, 2008

After 10 years of waiting, Baltimore finally getting its convention HQ hotel
The Daily Record
by Robbie Whelan
July 31, 2008

Sorry, your job's been outsourced!
Thousands of manufacturing jobs have moved to countries that skimp on wages and regulations. Now the service sector is also at risk.
The Isthmus
by Roger Bybee
November 3, 2007

Jobs, jobs, jobs
Mayor Barrett said bringing jobs to Milwaukee would be his top priority. How's he doing?
Vital Source
by Ted Bobrow
October 2007

Ups & Downs
Milwaukee Business Journal
October 19, 2007

Milwaukee's unemployment ranks high
City leaders see construction as the solution
The Daily Reporter
by Sean Ryan
October 18, 2007

Editorial: Homeownership Is Key To Future
Neil Heinen Weighs In On Benefits Of Home Buying
October 1, 2007

Milwaukee to cut into 163-year road deficit
The Daily Reporter
By Sean Ryan
October 1, 2007

Chicago getting more tourists or just redoing the math?
Chicago rose to the top in a tally using a revised method
Chicago Tribune
By Kathy Bergen
August 20, 2007,0,5921438.story

Chicago's convention industry trying to impress this crowd
Chicago's convention industry is straining to impress 7,000 attendees at the American Society of Association Executives gathering Chicago Tribune
By Kathy Bergen
August 14, 2007,0,3793274,full.story

City's gargantuan trade show push
McCormick Place West addition lets Chicago aim squarely for lucrative meetings
Chicago Tribune
By Kathy Bergen
July 29, 2007,0,3213787.story

Olympic mystery: who's our insurer?
City's secrecy raises doubts about policy
By Greg Hinz
July 02, 2007

Poverty is no excuse" is bankrupt
The Black Commentator
By Daniel Pryzbyla
Guest Commentator
June 29, 2006 189_poverty_is_no_excuse_is_bankrupt_pryzbyla_pf.html

The Confidence Man
How Harvard professor Michael Porter soaked Milwaukee and other cities for an inner city plan that went nowhere.
Milwaukee Magazine
By Terrence Falk default.asp?newMessageID=13152&type=520

Can anything cure Milwaukee job crisis?
A massive intervention UWM prof insists nothing less will attack joblessness
Labor Press
April 26, 2007

Convention center expansion effects remain a question
Special to
By Doug Hissom
April 13, 2007

Race for the 2016 Games
Costs, profits rarely clear-cut for host city
Olympics can carry unexpected financial risks, plus long-term benefits
Chicago Tribune
By Kathy Bergen, w/researcher Lelia Arnheim and reporter Mickey Ciokajlo
April 1, 2007,1,3672003.story? ctrack=1&cset=true

UWM report focuses on connection between race and joblessness in city
Milwaukee Community Journal
By MCJ Staff
March 21, 2007 betweenracejoblessness3_21_07.html

Blog: MilwaukeeWorld
Post: UWM Study Attacks Barrett's "Cluelessness" on Job Cricis
by Michael Horne
March 16, 2007

Milwaukee inner-city incomes drop by 1.9 percent
The Daily Reporter
by Sean Ryan
November 28, 2006

Suburban Milwaukee
New Regional Focus Highlights Development Efforts
Corporate Report Wisconsin, June 2006
By Laurie Arendt

UWM report identifies poverty problems
Solutions include regional economic development
The Daily Reporter
by Sean Ryan
May 17, 2006

La "classe créative" existe-t-elle?
Alain Bourdin
Revue Urbanisme

Study: Brewers have significant economic impact
The Associated Press
Lacrosse Tribune
Sunday, October 08, 2006

Schaefer's city legacy is helping it become a model for comeback
Baltimore Sun
Jay Hancock
September 24, 2006

Group revamps central city growth strategy
The Business Journal of Milwaukee
Rich Rovito
July 7, 2006

Poorest of the Poor Growing
Shepherd Express
Doug Hissom
December 8, 2005

Climbing the Ladder
A New Generation Fights to Keep Up As Economy Shifts
By Greg Ip
June 27, 2005

Developing a new formula
Barrett to seek doubling of TIF districts
The Business Journal
Pete Millard
June 24, 2005

Officials tightening oversight of agencies
Contracts to require more accountability for taxpayer money
Associated Press
By Robert Imrie
June 24, 2005

As economy shifts, a new generation struggles to keep up
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal
June 22, 2005

Joel McNally: Downtown Milwaukee's rehab too good to be true?
The Capital Times
By Joel McNally
June 18, 2005

Metropolitan Milwaukee Assn. of Commerce defends its PabstCity report
Daily Reporter
By Sean Ryan
June 13, 2005

The price of success
'Making it' doesn't guarantee equality, area blacks say, nor does it justify ignoring less fortunate
GM Today
By Candace Doyle
March 8, 2005

Building an empty house
(Deal Maker Forum)(Interview)
October 1, 2004
brought to you by

Creative Class
A Short Summary of the Theory
Arts Research Monitor, Volume 2, No. 10

Old Guard New Guard
Milwaukee Magazine
By Barbara Miner
February 2004

'Community' Park East plan irks developers
Milwaukee Business Journal
By Pete Millard
December 8, 2003 newscolumn1.html

WISCONSIN: W-2 services cut back
Pioneer Press
By Carrie Antlfinder
October 27, 2003

Countering Conventional Wisdom
Stadium, MAC Center don't live up to job promises
Shepherd Express
By Doug Hissom
September,11 2003 news_and_views/news.html

Class Dismissed
Lost in all of the sound-bite condemnations of MPS are the taboo questions about poverty
Milwaukee Magazine
By Barbara Miner
September, 2003

State looks to Wisconsin for welfare ideas
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribtune
By Jean Hoppensperger
February 21, 2003

Gard says Doyle's proposal would roll W-2 back to AFDC
By Carrie Antlfinger/Associated Press
February 20, 2003

Hyper-Segregation Yes or No
Focus on Diversity
By Marc V. Levine
Jan. 18, 2003

Wisconsin Offers Welfare Recipients Education, Job Resources
ABC News
By Justine Schiro
November 11, 2002

Women and Power
Milwaukee Magazine
by Mary Van de Kamp Nohl
April, 2002

SOS! Milwaukee Needs Help
By:Joel Rogers
Madison Capital Times
January 28, 2002

Outlying suburbs see surge in affluent residents: Income gap grows between Milwaukee, metro neighbors
by Pete Millard
January 14,2002 2002/01/14/story6.html

Our Billion-dollar Baby
April 2001] The costs are staggering, the results stunning. Will Miller Park change our city? Perhaps. But one thing is certain: The security is very good.
Milwaukee Magazine
by Bruce Murphy
April, 2001

The booming economy is increasing the gap between poor and rich, both nationally and in Wisconsin
by Linda McCants Pendleton
September 30, 1999 20/40/scoop/scoop.html

Local wage growth booms
But new study shows city trails in poverty
Cincinnati Business Courier
July 13, 1999

1983-1998: An economic about-face
By Pete Millard
October 26, 1998 1998/10/26/story2.html

Salvaging the future
July 24, 1998
St. Louis Business Journal

Lost souls, lost dollars
How St. Louis compares to 14 metropolitan areas
by Margie Manning
July 17, 1998
St. Louis Business Journal

Phila. ends up in the middle
by Thomas J. Walsh
July 24, 1998
Philadelphia Business Journal

Retaining industry
Among 'Frostbelt' cities, only Minneapolis has created industrial jobs
By John Rosengren
July 24, 1998
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

Women, minorities find rough roads to owning businesses in Milwaukee
by Pete Millard
June 15, 1998 1998/06/15/story6.html

Racial income gap huge, study says
by Pete Millard
June 8, 1998
The Business Journal, Serving Greater Milwaukee 1998/06/08/story1.html

Black/white disparity among local jobless near region's highest
By Gigi Verna Courier
April 10, 1998
Cincinnati Business Courier

Racial Ratio
Milwaukee's black unemployment rate 4 times higher than white rate
By Peter Millard
March 30, 1998 1998/03/30/story1.html

Dripped Dry As metro cities buy up high country water rights, Park County's ranching heritage is evaporating. Denver Westword News By Stuart Steers July 10, 1997

Seeking Solutions For Troubled Cities
As a "social science historian," Marc Levine analyzes the impact of economic development efforts.
Research Profile
University of Wisconsin Graduate School
Vol.19 no. 1 research-profile/Archive/Vol19No1/cities.html

Shift for Urban Renewal: Nurture the Grass Roots
New York Times
By Felicity Barringer
November 29, 1992 res=9E0CE0DF103CF93AA15752C1A964958260&sec= &spon=&pagewanted=print

External Reports

University Center Economic Development Program: Bringing Research to Work U.S. Economic Development Administration (includes an evaluation of UWMCED)