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Policy Research Report Abstract

The Economic Impact of Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin, June 2013, by Marc Levine

Executive Summary

This study examines the economic impact of the Aurora Health Care system in the state of Wisconsin, as well as in the main counties or metropolitan areas in which Aurora maintains hospitals, clinics, and other ambulatory facilities.

Aurora is the largest private-sector employer in Wisconsin, employing 30,210 people directly; and when the ripple effects of Aurora’s purchasing and the spending by its employees are taken into account, Aurora generates over 61,000 jobs in the state. An estimated $8.2 billion of economic activity in Wisconsin is attributable to Aurora’s operations, as are $3.1 billion in earnings.

All told, when all multiplier effects are calculated, Aurora’s economic impact accounts for 2.6 percent of all employment and 3.3 percent of total payroll in the state of Wisconsin.

Two-thirds of Aurora’s economic impact is felt in the four-county metro Milwaukee region, with over 41,000 jobs in the region directly or indirectly attributable to Aurora’s operations. Aurora is an especially important economic institution in the city of Milwaukee, where directly provides almost 10,000 jobs. Aurora is also certainly the largest employer minorities in Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin. When all multiplier effects are calculated, Aurora’s economic impact accounts for an estimated 5.5 percent of all employment and 6.3 percent of total payroll in metro Milwaukee.

Aurora’s economic impact is substantial in every county in which it operates. In seven counties in the eastern Wisconsin Aurora “footprint,” Aurora’s impact generates over 5 percent of county-wide payroll, and in five counties, Aurora’s impact accounts for over 4 percent of county-wide employment. Aurora’s hospitals, in particular, generate significant impacts in their host counties: nine of the 15 hospitals in the Aurora system generate a total employment impact of more than 1,000 jobs in their respective counties or metropolitan areas, while four others account for more than 750 jobs each.

The Economic Impact of Aurora Health Care in Selected Regions
  Milwaukee Co. Metro Milwaukee State of Wisconsin
Revenues/Output $3,593.37 million $5,354.03 million $8,224.88 million
Earnings $1,553.90 million $2,200.47 million $3,126.06 million
Employment 28,044 41,162 61,604
Aurora’s Impacts as a Share of Total Employment
and Payroll in “Footprint” Counties: 2011
County Employment Share % Payroll Share %
Brown 2.9 3.2
Fond du Lac 0.7 1.0
Kenosha 4.5 5.8
Manitowoc 3.8 5.0
Marinette 1.7 3.2
Milwaukee 6.3 7.3
Ozaukee 6.0 6.2
Racine 3.1 3.5
Sheboygan 5.3 7.4
Walworth 4.9 5.7
Washington 3.9 5.2
Waukesha 1.9 2.3
Winnebago 2.2 2.3
Metro Milwaukee 5.5 6.3
State of Wisconsin 2.6 3.3


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