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UW-Milwaukee - Center for Economic Development

Technical Assistance Report Abstract

The Economic Impact of the 2001 Wisconsin State Fair

Executive Summary

In 2001, the total impact of the State Fair's operating and capital expenditures - including indirect and inducted effects - was 67 million dollars to the local region and 48.8 million dollars to the State.

The 2001 Wisconsin State Fair had a direct impact - measured by wages paid to its employees, its purchases from local vendors and spending by out-of-town visitors - of 25.7 million on Milwaukee County and 15.5 million on the State of Wisconsin as a whole.

The total impact of the 2001 Wisconsin State Fair's operating expenditures - including indirect and induced effects - was 46.1 million for Milwaukee County and 27.9 million for the State.

Since the majority of visitors to the Fair are State of Wisconsin residents, Fair spending has a greater impact on this region than the State as a whole. For example, a Fair visitor from La Crosse provides a direct impact on the local region by spending their dollars here rather than in La Crosse area. The dollars have not left the State, rather, they are diverted to the southeastern Wisconsin economy.

In 2001, the State Fair spent over 10 million dollars on capital expenditures - including machinery and buildings - these expenditures provided a total impact (including indirect and induced effects) of over 20 million dollars to both the region and the State.

Of the State Fair employees, 90 percent reside within Milwaukee County.

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