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UW-Milwaukee - Center for Economic Development

Policy Research Report Abstract

The Milwaukee Public Schools Facilities Plan: An Economic Impact Analysis, January 1993, by Marc V. Levine


This report was published before a February 16, 1993 vote on a Milwaukee Public Schools bond issue. The bond issue would have financed $366 million of a 10 year, $474 million public schools facilities plan calling for building 15 new schools, including a new technical high school, expanding 14 other schools, and spending $148.7 million on repairs and maintenance. The facilities plan would have permitted implementation of universal kindergarten, lower class sizes in early grades, and the improvement of computer, library, art, and music facilities in almost all schools.

UWMCED estimated that the MPS facilities plan would have generated, in total, 7,626 jobs in the Milwaukee region as schools were built and renovated, increasing output in the region by $458.6 million, and increasing regional wages by $214.2 million. In addition, we estimated that school construction and repairs would have generated an additional $32.9 million in state taxes, $19.5 million in local taxes, and $67.1 million in federal taxes, paid by workers and contractors employed by the school construction and renovation projects.

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