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Technical Assistance Reports

Technical Assistance Reports
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Brownfields Consortium Reports
W-2 Monitoring Task Force Reports

Deunionization in Wisconsin and Metro Milwaukee: A Statistical Overview, February 2016, by Marc V. Levine
Full Report (pdf - 284kb)

Socio-Economic Impact Analysis: Rehabilitation of the Sherman Theater, November 2014, by Lisa Heuler Williams
Full Report (pdf - 1.2mb)

The Economic Impact of Aurora Health Care in Wisconsin, June 2013, by Marc Levine
Executive Summary
Full Report (pdf - 2.1 mb)

Housing and Community in South Madison: Local Residents' Viewpoints and Experiences, April 2007, by Andrea Robles, Jodi Wortsman, and Ariel Kaufman
Executive Summary
Full Report (pdf - 690k)

Participatory Research at Cooperative Care: Supporting Caregivers and Building a Unified Cooperative, July 2006, by Andrea Robles and Julie Whitaker
Executive Summary
Full Report (pdf - 307k)

Community Service Jobs in Wisconsin Works: the Milwaukee County Experience
MDRC Report (pdf)

Exploring the Perceptions of Bias and Discrimination: The Utilization of Nonprofit Consultants of Color in the Greater Milwaukee Area, by Pam Fendt and Karl Nichols

Ozaukee County Location Quotient Analysis, June 10, 2004, by Kathleen Cady Schilling
Executive Summary
Full Report (pdf - 73k)

2001 Economic Development Resource Directory, Fifth Edition, 2001.

The Economic Impact of the 2001 Wisconsin State Fair, July 30, 2002, by Kathleen Cady Schilling and Lauren McHargue
Executive Summary
Full Report (pdf - 31k )

Support Service Utilization Among Head Start Parents in Wisconsin, prepared for The Wisconsin Head Start State Collaboration Project, November 1999, Pamela S. Fendt

Milwaukee Community Economic Development Capacity Inventory, April 1999, by Marc V. Levine and Lauren A. McHargue

An Assessment of Transportation Service Options: A Profile of the Grandview Walnut Heights Community Presented to Community Residents, 12/98, Lauren McHargue, Deborah Curtis and Justin First.

Milwaukee Non-Profit Venture Fund Planning Document, September 1998, by Lauren A. McHargue and Marc V. Levine
Executive Summary

New Berlin Public Transportation Alternatives Task Force: Introductory Information, March 1998, by Sandra J. Callaghan and Lisa Heuler Williams

Model Development in the "Workforce Connections" Project: Final Report, January 1998, by Marc V. Levine

Labor Market Research Update for the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project, September 1997, by Pamela S. Fendt

Model Development in the Workforce Connections Project: Interim Report, September 1997, by Marc V. Levine and Pamela S. Fendt

Survey and Analysis of Current Socioeconomic Development Activities in Milwaukee's Near South Side, June 1997, by Sandra J. Callaghan, with Lisa Heuler Williams

High Wage Job Opportunities in Metropolitan Milwaukee: A Report for the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project, April 1997, by Pamela S. Fendt

The Milwaukee Foundry Industry: A Background Report, April 1997, by Marc V. Levine

Occupational Trends and Training Requirements in Targeted Industrial Sectors: A Report for the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project, March 1997, by Pamela S. Fendt

Employment and Wage Trends in Targeted Industrial Sectors: A Report for the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project, February 1997, by Pamela S. Fendt

Riverwest Community Schools Program: Assessment of First Year Operations, September 1996, by Sandra J. Callaghan

The Economic Impact of Sinai Samaritan Hospital on Greater Milwaukee, May 1996, by Marc V. Levine and Emily Van Dunk

Employer Ownership Feasibility Study for the Port of Milwaukee, September 1994, by Dale Dulberger and John F. Zipp

The Economic Impact of Envirotest Corporation's Proposed Testing Program in Wisconsin, March 1994, by Marc V. Levine

Southside Economic Summit Study, May 1993, by Marc V. Levine

The Lisbon Area Neighborhood Development Project: The New L.I.F.E. Skills Survey, January 1993, by John F. Zipp