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Technical Assistance Report Abstract

Occupational Trends and Training Requirements in Targeted Industrial Sectors: A Report for the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project, March 1997, by Pamela S. Fendt


This report builds upon the information presented to the High Wage Dislocated Worker Project in the report "Employment and Wage Trends in Targeted Industrial Sectors," which was submitted to the Steering Committee and the Grant Administrator of the project in February 1997. The first report provided preliminary information on six industrial sectors that the Center for Economic Development had chosen through their research as ones which would be appropriate for a sectoral targeting initiative. The first report demonstrated that the average wages in these industrial sectors were high enough to include them as potential employment targets in this demonstration project.

For each industrial sector, we have calculated projected employment growth for the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area and tabulated starting and median wages for each of the most prevalent production occupations within each sector. This research has revealed which occupations within the targeted sectors have the most potential as employers of dislocated workers. We also present information on the necessary vocational training for each of the featured occupations.

UWMCED's research on sectoral targeting options for metropolitan Milwaukee yielded a set of primary and secondary industrial sectors that were recommended to be the focus of comprehensive economic development activities. The information contained in this report provides details on occupational employment and skill requirements for these industrial sectors. This report demonstrates that some of the industrial sectors offer occupations that are appropriate targets for employment placement in the High Wage Dislocated Worker project, and some do not. The information on the occupations with moderate to high growth projections and high starting or median wages can be used to assist the placement efforts of the project.

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