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Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of SEWRPCs Preliminary Regional Housing Plan

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) is the areawide regional planning agency for southeastern Wisconsin, namely Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha Counties. SEWRPC is in the process of completing a Regional Housing Plan for the area and has requested a socio-economic impact (SEI) analysis to be conducted by the UWM Center for Economic Development (CED). SEWRPC's Regional Housing Plan is intended to provide a guide, or overall framework, for future housing development to meet the current and future housing needs of the Region's population. This includes addressing a series of identified housing problems, most of which have a direct impact on environmental justice communities. SEWRPC's 2035 Regional Land Use Plan serves as the foundation for the regional housing plan and was designed to accommodate a set of regional employment, population, and household forecasts of growth and change in the Region by 2035.

The SEI analysis for the preliminary draft of the Regional Housing Plan (RHP) is based on the recommendation from SEWRPCs Environmental Justice Task Force (EJTF). The SEI evaluates the recommendations set forth in the preliminary RHP in light of potential impacts on socio-economic factors and the principles of Environmental Justice as set forth under Executive Order 12898 ("Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations") as well as precipitating and subsequent laws and regulations. The SEI identifies potential benefits and adverse impacts of the preliminary draft recommendations with respect to minority and low-income populations and persons with disabilities, and to help assess whether such populations may be expected to receive a proportionate share of any plan benefits and/or disproportionate share of any negative impacts.

The scope of the work to be conducted by CED has two main components, an analysis section and a public outreach section.

The preliminary Regional Housing Plan contains six sections with numerous recommendations. CED evaluated the recommendations to determine whether any positive or negative socio-economic impacts could arise from implementation and the degree of impact, focusing in particular on Environmental Justice populations.

The goal for the public outreach component was is to gather feedback from the public in order to further enhance the findings of the SEI analysis. A series of public meetings took place to present and obtain public input on the preliminary recommendations of the regional housing plan, and the findings of a draft socio-economic impact analysis of the preliminary recommendations.

The final SEI is now available and has been presented and reviewed by SEWRPC, their Housing Advisory Committee and the Environmental Justice Task Force and can be downloaded by clicking below:

Housing SEI

In addition, please find materials from a recent presentation to the Environmental Justice Task Force summarizing the results of the SEI.

Summary of Findings