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Data Snapshots

Monthly Employment Watch: Milwaukee and the Nation's Largest Cities – Discontinued

Between 2006-2010, the UW-Milwaukee Center for Economic Development compiled a monthly report on employment trends in Milwaukee and the nation's largest cities. Drawing on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' report, Local Area Unemployment Statistics, our Monthly Employment Watch aimed to provide policymakers and interested observers with basic employment data to gauge how well the city of Milwaukee's labor market was functioning in comparison to the nation's 50 largest cities, as well as "peer cities" in the Northeast-Midwest industrial belt.

However, the data for the monthly city employment reports rely on a small sample of households, and have been subject to frequent revision, re-estimation, and inexplicable fluctuations. Increasingly, we grew concerned that our monthly reports and ranking of the employment "performance" of various cities was lacking in the rigor and accuracy necessary to draw meaningful inferences about the functioning of various urban labor markets. Consequently, we decided to discontinue the monthly reports on city employment. Future reports will rely on more robust annual data, available from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For readers interested in the 2006-2010 Monthly Employment Watch reports, they are archived here, but we caution readers to keep in mind the caveats regarding the data we have noted above.

Employment Growth in Milwaukee and the Nation's Largest Cities

Black Male Jobless Rates in Selected Metropolitan Areas: 2002-2005
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The Economic Challenges Facing Milwaukee's Inner City
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Auto Ownership and Families Below the Poverty Level
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The Economic Challenges Facing Milwaukee: Flight to the Suburbs
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