Apply for Membership


To apply for membership, please send the following to Dr. David Petering, Director of the Center:


1. A cover letter stating why you are interested in seeking membership.


2. A description of your research interests and how they relate to the mission and goals of the Center.


3. A current curriculum vitae in NIH format, including all grant support.



Membership in the Center

The Center has two levels of membership, Full and Associate.

Full Investigators have full access to all aspects of Center support (facilities, pilot projects, etc.). In return they are expected to participate vigorously in the Center's activities. They must be established investigators with competitive funding in environmental health-related areas. Established investigators who do not have funding may become members, and are expected to secure environmental health-related funding within three years. New investigators can also become full members; they are allowed access to all facilities for five years and within that time period would be expected to secure environmental health-related funding. Investigators can maintain member status during breaks in funding, as long as proposals are being submitted to regain extramural support. Individuals in these categories remain in good standing as long as they are active participants in the Center's activities and are seeking grant funding. Full investigators are also eligible for staff and facility assistance from the Center.

Associate Investigators are scientists who maintain special ties to the Center but do not have extramural support in studies related to environmental health. Although they do not receive staff and facility support, they may contribute to Center research projects, participate in Center activities including group research meetings, and can be involved in various community outreach and education activities. Renewal after a three-year period is based upon continuing contributions to the Center.