Union Grove High School students participate in SEPA Conference

Union Grove High School students participate in SEPA Conference
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buy this photo Participants in the SEPA Conference from Union Grove High School were, from left, Ashley Wallig, Sarah Bretl, Kim Dam, Emily Hebron, Caitlyn McKendry, Spencer Franks and Megan Kirley. (Submitted photo)

UNION GROVE - Union Grove High School students in Biology and AP Biology courses investigated the effects of environmental agents (i.e. nicotine, caffeine, ethanol) on the embryological development of zebrafish during the fall semester. Materials for this investigation were provided by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee through a SEPA Grant. Students chose which agent(s) they wanted to expose to the fertilized eggs and recorded observations of embryological development over the course of a week. All students were required to write a scientific research paper concerning their results. Students then participated in a review of their paper, including a conference using SKYPE, and were provided the opportunity to revise their paper. In addition, Dr. Dave Petering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Dr. Henry Tomasiewicz from the Water Institute of Milwaukee spoke with students concerning the science behind their investigation.

Participants in the SEPA Conference were Kim Dam, Caitlin McKendry, Emily Hebron and Sarah Bretl, who delivered presentations of their work to the audience. Ashley Wallig, Spencer Franks and Megan Kirley spoke next to their poster about their work as well. All seven students received a plaque acknowledging their exceptional academic performance, Milwaukee Life Science and Biology Research Award for outstanding research accomplishments in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Science Education Partnership Award Program. Sponsors were the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and National Center for Research Resources.

The top five Biology papers and the top five AP Biology papers were submitted to UW-Milwaukee for judging. Four student papers from Union Grove were selected by UW-Milwaukee to receive special recognition: Kim Dam, Caitlin McKendry, Emily Hebron and Sarah Bretl. Three students completed additional work by making a scientific poster of their findings. All three students received special recognition at the conference on April 6 as well. The four essay winners presented their papers to an audience at UW-Milwaukee on April 6.

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