Community Outreach and Education

The MFBS Center's Community Outreach and Education Program (COEP) has broadly focused on environmental health education and includes educational outreach to precollege, college, and graduate students, as well as to professional and lay community members. Its mission has been to translate Center scientists' aquatic-model research on neurobehavioral, reproductive, and developmental toxicology to targeted communities, and is now moving toward the translation of Center generated environmental health science to inform communities about the relationship between the environment and diseases in children.

To accomplish our mission, we focus on four target populations who influence children's environmental health through their work:

(1) middle-school teachers, for their influence on the next generation;

(2) nursing faculty, nurses, for their influence on children's health;

(3) communities differentially impacted by environmental injustices, for their ability to redress those inequities through community action; and

(4) policy-makers.

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