Did You Know?


The Children's Environmental Health Sciences Core Center has operated a successful pilot project program since its inception. From the 35 pilot awards that have been made over this extended period, 20 were later successful in obtaining extramural funding, mostly through NIH—and a number through NIEHS.


Applying for a Pilot Project

We invite you to apply for an application packet below—whether or not you plan to submit a letter of intent. Application materials will be sent by email.

Any questions about the proposal process or responsiveness of a given proposal may be directed to David Petering (petering@uwm.edu) or Raymond Hoffmann (rhoffmann@mcw.edu).

Please consider joining our Center as an investigator. Young investigators as well as those in mid-career benefit from the facilities, collaboration and educational opportunities the Children's Environmental Health Sciences Core Center provides. If you are awarded a Pilot Project, you will automatically become a Center member.

*4-5 sentences describing the objective of the project and how it addresses an important problem related to children's environmental health.