The IHSF Core provides:


  • Services that effectively support clinical and community health research including assistance with research design, feasibility assessment, research nursing support, and data management and analysis. 
  • A structure to develop an interface between clinical and community health scientists and basic environmental health scientists that draws them together into teams that jointly study children's disease.



Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core

Core Director: Ruth Etzel, MD PhD

The Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) meets the practical support needs of clinical and community health scientists as they study patients and populations in the context of children's environmental health. The IHSFC embraces the need to enrich clinical/community health research with basic/translational science and vice versa by facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations. Our laboratories for clinical and translational research include one of the nation's leading pediatric tertiary care centers - Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - with clinics throughout Wisconsin and patient populations from the midwest region which includes a major urban community with an array of children's health problems that plague large cities across the nation.

Research support is provided in four interconnected areas:

  • Clinical Research Unit (patient-based)
  • Community Unit (population-based)
  • Biostatistics Unit
  • Bioinformatics Unit

Each unit has unique services.

New Director for the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core 

For questions about utilization of the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core services, please contact Dr. Ruth Etzel at (414) 227-3357 or

For biostatistical assistance with both design and analysis, please contact Dr. Ray Hoffmann of MCW at (414) 955-7634 or

For bioinformatical assistance, please contact Dr. Peter Tonellato of UWM at (414) 227-4019 or