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Celtic Studies Certificate Program

The certificate is available to all UWM graduates, regardless of major, and is awarded upon completion of required coursework. Students who participate in the Certificate Program are encourages to create an individualized course of study that integrates several academic areas.

Students can concentrate their studies on the Celtic languages, both spoken and written, or they may choose to investigate the broader themes of the Celtic world, such as art, archaeology, literature, history, folklore, music and myth. CCS faculty are available to advise students and explore the many educational aspects of the program.


The certificate program in Celtic Studies is open to all students pursuing a bachelor's degree from UWM and to students who previously have received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university. Community members wishing to earn a certificate but do not want to enroll in a bachelor's degree program may register through the University Special Student program. They must take the courses for full credit and complete all course work.


To obtain the certificate, students must:

No more than nine credits from a single curricular area may count toward the certificate requirements. Students must select courses from at least three different curricular areas in completing their requirements. Students elect one of the following options:

Option A - Language Emphasis

This option requires the following two courses (6 credits) and at least 12 additional credits selected from the approved Celtic Studies course list.

Required Courses

Celtic 203   Third Semester Gaelic
Celtic 204   Fourth Semester Gaelic

Option B - Cultural Emphasis

Students in this option are required to take the following course (3) and at least 15 additional credits selected from the approved Celtic Studies courses list:

Required Courses

Celtic 103   First Semester Gaelic

Approved Courses

Approved courses can be found in the Schedule of Classes under "Celtic Studies," or on the CCS website. Courses may be offered in the following areas:

Art History
Ethnic Studies
Irish Language
Other Celtic Languages
Peace Studies
Political Science
Social Work

Credits earned at other institutions equivalent to courses in the certificate program may be accepted in partial fulfillment of the program requirements, subject to review by the Certificate Program Committee.

Awarding the Certificate

Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who complete the requirements of the program successfully will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Post-baccalaureate students will receive the certificate upon successful completion of the program requirements.