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"When I was ready, then I would declare war": The Biographie-Memoires of Célestin Lainé (aka Neven Henaff). Introduction by Daniel Leach.
    1. "Catholique et Français toujours..." (Well-known hymn)
    2. You are Breton!
    3. Brittany is big!
    4. The Final War.
    5. Brittany should be independent.
    6. Breton, and not French!
    7. Vigil.
    8. The first toll of the bell.
    9. The second toll.
    10. The third toll.
    11. Breiz Atao!
    12. First step.
    13. The war of independence.
    14. Solitude at Rennes
    15. First Congress.
    16. The Student Federation of Rennes.
    17. The summer of 1928.
    18. The Sorbonne.
    19. L'école Centrale.
Appendix A: Scanned Manuscript
Appendix B: Poem "The Universe"
Appendix C: Image Gallery