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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. The history of research
3. Iberian Celts: literary sources, linguistics and archaeology
3.1. Written Graeco-Roman sources
3.1.1.   The Celtiberians
3.1.2. The Celtici in the southwest
3.1.3. The Celtici in the northwest
3.1.4. The Gauls of the northeast
3.2. Linguistic and epigraphic evidence
3.3. Archaeological evidence
4. The genesis of "Celtic"
4.1. Ethnogenesis and archaeology: the case of the Celtiberians
4.2. Looking back: The origin of the Celtiberians and the 'proto-Celtic' culture
5. The Iberian Celts: a multidisciplinary interpretation
6. "Celtic" archaeological groups
6.1. The Celtiberian group
6.2. The Vetton group
6.3. The Vaccean group
6.4. The Castro Culture in northwestern Iberia
6.5. The Astures and the Cantabri
6.6. Celts in the southwest
7. The Iberian Celts from a European perspective