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Andrew Kincaid, Associate Professor

Prof. Andrew Kincaid

University: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Department: English

Office: Curtin Hall 587
Telephone: 414-229-4517
Web Site:

Ph.D., Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature, 2001, University of Minnesota

Teaching and Research Interests:
Literary and Cultural Theory, Modern Irish Literature and History, Theories of Architecture and Urban Space.

Current Research:
My current project, entitled, "Holding the Center: The Geographies of Consolidation and the Emergence of Postcolonial Dublin", is a cultural reading of urban space in Dublin. It examines urban planning along with theoretical questions of historiography and national identity. Through literary exploration (specifically, a study of Ireland's relatively new and burgeoning genre, memoir), and analyses of town planning, architecture and urban history, I argue that the city became a principal site of struggle between nationalists and colonialists. I maintain that many of the problems associated with Ireland's colonial past are still unresolved and are clearly visible in the contemporary urban environment, and in its urban literatures.

I am also currently investigating the effect of golf courses on the Irish landscape.