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Links to Celtic Study Programs


AHRB Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies

American Conference for Irish Studies

Australian Institute of Celtic Studies

Canadian Association for Irish Studies

Celtic Studies Association of North America

Celtic Studies Association of North America Bibliography

North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History (NAASWCH)

North America

Boston College, Irish Studies Program

East Tennessee State University, Appalachian, Scottish, and Irish Studies

Georgia Southern University, The Center for Irish Studies

Green Mountain College, The Welsh Heritage Program

Harvard University, Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures

New York University, Glucksman Ireland House

St. Francis Xavier University, Department of Celtic Studies

St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, Celtic Studies Program

Simon Fraser University, Centre for Scottish Studies

University of California-Berkeley, Celtic Studies Program

University of Guelph, Scottish Studies

University of Rio Grande, Madog Center for Welsh Studies

University of Notre Dame, Keough Institute of Irish Studies

University of St. Thomas, Center for Irish Studies


Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies - School of Celtic Studies

Glasgow-Strathclyde School of Scottish Studies

National University of Ireland-Galway, Irish Studies

Queen's University, Belfast, Institute of Irish Studies

Trinity College-Dublin, School of Irish and Celtic Languages

University of Aberdeen, Department of Celtic

University of Aberdeen, Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies

University of Bradford, Irish Diaspora Research Unit

University College Cork, Celtic Studies

University of Cambridge, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

University College Dublin, Celtic Studies

University of Exeter, Institute of Cornish Studies

University of Edinburgh, Celtic and Scottish Studies

University of Glasgow, Department of Celtic

University of Limerick, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

University of Liverpool, Institute of Irish Studies

University of Saint Andrews, St. Andrews Institute of Scottish Historical Research

University of Vienna, Austria, Celtic Studies

University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, Institute of Ulster-Scots Studies

University of Wales, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies

University of Wales, Department of Welsh

University of Wales, Modern Welsh Studies

University of Wales-Lampeter, Department of Welsh