Certificate in Forensic Science

Forensic Science (science of evidence analysis)

Analysis of pen ink

Students pursuing a Certificate in Forensic Science will be trained in the analysis of evidence, especially of DNA for identification in, e.g., paternity suits, criminal investigations, etc. Job opportunities for students with this certificate would be available in local, regional and national crime labs, paternity identification labs, and archaeological sites.

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The following courses must be successfully completed to obtain a Certificate in Forensic Science:

[Note: the abbreviation ACCC is used in the course listings below to represent the four departments that are jointly-offering these courses, Anthro/Chem/BMS/CrmJst; students may enroll in the courses under any of the four curricular areas.]

Course Course Title
ACCC 281 Dead Men Do Tell Tales: An Introduction to Forensic Science, 3 cr
ACCC 481 Criminalistics, 3 cr
CrmJst 110     Introduction to Criminal Justice, 3 cr
CrmJst 480 Criminal Evidence and Investigation, 3 cr

One of:

Course Course Title
Anthro 403     The Human Skeleton, 3 cr
Anthro 404 Heredity, Environment, and Human Populations, 3 cr

One of:

Course Course Title
BMS 610     Pharmacology, 3 cr
HCA 212 Drugs Used and Abused, 3 cr

One of:

Course Course Title
BioSci 539 Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology, 4 cr
BMS 560/561   Molecular Diagnostics/Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, 3 cr
Chem 602 General Biochemistry, 3 cr

Additional courses with forensic content are listed below. Check prerequisites or consult the instructor for eligibility. These courses are recommended, but are not required, for the Certificate in Forensic Science:

Course Course Title
ACCC 285 Medicolegal Death Investigation, 3 cr
ACCC 585 Internship in Forensic Toxicology, 2-3 cr
ACCC 594 Internship in Forensic Science, 3 cr
Anthro 405     Forensic Anthropology, 3 cr
BMS 555     Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 1 cr
BMS 620 Forensic Pathology, 2 cr
Chem 194 Freshman Seminar: (with forensic subtitle), 3 cr
Chem 524 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry, 3-5 cr