University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Utilizes the Wisconsin Common Core Standards and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards as a guide for daily planning.
  • Is based on the interests, ideas, and individual abilities of the children.Teachers work with children individually, in small groups and with the whole class to strengthenliteracy skills.
  • Encourages active participation in both large- and small-group reading activities.
  • Provides a print-rich environment.
  • Offers daily writing opportunities (e.g. journals).
  • Stresses real life, hands-on math experiences.
  • Gives daily opportunities for creative expression.The focus of art activities is the process, rather than the product.
  • Provides a nurturing environment where children are supported as they make friends, resolve conflicts, strengthen self-help skills, and develop independence and decision-making skills.
  • Is extended beyond the classroom through the use of our play yard, field trips and other enrichment opportunities.
  • Families are considered to be an important part of the child’s life, and we welcome collaboration between families and teachers.