Biomedical Sciences: B.S. Biomedical Sciences
Public Health Microbiology Submajor

Employment Outlook

Expected Growth

Job opportunities in the Biomedical Sciences field are expected to be excellent, because the number of job openings is expected to continue to exceed the number of job seekers. Employment of clinical laboratory workers is expected to grow 10 to 20 percent through the year 2012, as the volume of laboratory tests increases with both population growth and the development of new types of tests.


According to the American Society for Clinical Pathology, median annual wages of staff clinical laboratory technologists varied by specialty. Some examples are as follows:

  Lowest Average Highest
Biomedical Sciences $39,126   $61,000
Cytotechnologist 41,454 49,920 54,600
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 37,800 53,790 72,230
Medical Technologist 36,400 50,820 58,000
Public Health Microbiologist 39,192 43,728 56,400
Radiologic Technologist 32,370 46,510 55,430

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