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List of Possible sites for Education Externship for spring 2015

Choose your top three and prioritize them. Turn your list into Mrs. Hennes with your name on it.

Milwaukee Public Schools

MPS is the largest Public School District in Wisconsin thus allowing for a wide range of diverse populations in urban practicum sites. University students are allowed to participate in professional development opportunities such as Barbara Hodson, Shari Robertson, AAC, Smartboard training, literacy topics etc. Students must all be available to participate in an interview process TBA. This is how they find just the right fit for you.

Wauwatosa Public School District

Amy Brantley Eisenhower Elementary School
Ms. Brantley’s caseload involves the 3 to one model in which there is 3 weeks of treatment and 1 week of indirect treatment. Her caseload involves 35 to 40 students k4-5th grade with varying disabilities and needs including CD, LD, autism, articulation, language. fluency, cognition, social, etc.

Lynn Meehan Madison Elementary School
Mrs. Meehan services three year olds up to fifth grade. She services some neighborhood preschoolers as well. The caseload currently is 34 students and encompasses children with autism, cognitive needs, learning disabilities, articulation needs, language and fluency needs. Service delivery model is pullout with classroom based services for the children with language needs which allows Mrs. Meehan to support the students when learning curriculum.

Kettle Moraine School District

Debra Maly Cushing Elementary School
Mrs. Maly works at Cushing which is a 4k-5th grade elementary school. Cushing has approximately 475 students. Mrs. Maly’s caseload is around 40-45 students. She serves articulation, phono, language, CD, Autism, LD, EBD, ADHD students. You will be exposed to the use of IPAD as a therapy tool and an AAC device. You will also be working with a student building his use of AAC (Go Talk). In addition, Mrs. Maly works with a team of teachers who have an NXGI learning project underway. We provide intervention and enrichment for students on this team.

Whitnall Public Schools

Kelly Pluta Edgerton Elementary School
Mrs. Pluta services a wide population from k4-5th grade. The services are mostly provided in a pullout service delivery option with quite a bit of collaboration with occupational and physical therapists, special education teachers and assistants. Mrs. Pluta’s caseload involves children with a variety of speech and language disorders: language, artic/phonology, fluency, etc. as well as associated disorders: CD, LD, EBD. There is a high population of children with autism on Mrs. Pluta’s caseload. The Edgerton teachers and staff will be receiving training on the SCERTS model as well as receiving support from Jen Townscend an autism consultant. Mrs. Pluta is also the Whitnall district AAC coordinator, so the student clinician at this site would gain knowledge in AAC devices as well as other technology such as IPADs and SMART boards.

Waterford Public Schools

Ruth Brook Woodfield Elementary School
Mrs. Brook’s caseload covers EC program through grade 6. Disabilities treated include: Speech and language, Autism, Cognitive disabilities, Hearing Impaired, Learning disabilities and other health impairments. Disorders treated are: articulation, phonology, fluency, voice, language, and social skills. She currently treats 40 students including fluency and voice. She uses a Smartboard and IPad in her therapy room. Some therapy is provided in the general education rooms but most therapy is pull out. It is a long drive but a fabulous opportunity.

West Allis Public Schools

Lindsay Lauters Franklin Elementary School
Mrs. Lauters has been working in the West Allis West Milwaukee School District for the past 6 years at the elementary school level. She works with a variety of students with diverse backgrounds. Her caseload currently consists of students identified with speech/language impairment, other health impairment, specific learning disability, and autism. These students receive specific interventions in the areas of receptive and expressive language, fluency, phonemic awareness, phonology, articulation, communication modalities and areas of pragmatic language. Opportunities exist to provide therapy in a pull out setting, within the classroom and while co-teaching with a special education teacher. She has a strong focus on aligning speech and language interventions with classroom curriculum to create cohesive instruction. There is a strong technology focus within the district which allows for instruction through use of ipads, SMART boards and Mimios. This placement offers an exciting and unique opportunity to provide speech therapy to a group of students with autism who attend another school within the district. You will gain excellent experience working with this population of children, as well as be given the opportunity to work with the district autism committee, use various techniques to facilitate language development and implement social language groups. Extra things which would make a student's experience distinctive is that the district has an EC/k4 full day inclusion program, next generation (multi-aged) classroom models, are a model and distinguished school for both RtI and PBIS.

Sarah Virlee Wilson Elementary School
Wilson Elementary is located in the heart of West Allis near State Fair park. We are an urban/ suburban school with approximately 450-500 students. On my caseload, I have 38 students, but about 5 evaluations going on at the moment. About half are Speech/Language students with the other half being labeled either OHI, Autism, or SLD. The Speech and Language students are phono/artic or language. I do not have any voice students and one fluency student. Overall, I have a fairly typical caseload. As for myself, this is the start of my fifth year out of school and third at Wilson. I began my career in Milwaukee Public Schools at Stuart Elementary on 87th and Good Hope. I switched to West Allis due to the residency restrictions at the time. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, and running