Communication Sciences & Disorders

Speech & Language Clinic: Clinics

Adult Neurogenic Clinic

In the Neurogenic Clinic a student and group member communicate about photos the group member has brought in

This clinic serves adults with the acquired disorders of aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, and cognitive-linguistic impairment. The emphasis is on teaching the individual and his/her communication partners to utilize multiple modalities for communication, including augmentative/alternative communication when appropriate. In addition, therapy provides communication partner training and support and promotes opportunities for social interaction.

Child Language Clinic

This clinic provides services to children, two to five years, who have delays or problems with language development. They may also have speech or other developmental delays. Children attend twice a week and receive individual and/or group therapy. Groups focus on the use of language skills with peers during preschool or kindergarten activities. For older children, these activities include beginning literacy skills.

Fluency Clinic

This clinic provides therapy to children and adults who demonstrate stuttering behaviors. Clients are seen 1-2 times per week for individual and/or group therapy. This clinic may also teach fluency enhancement techniques to children at-risk for stuttering. These children and their parent(s) attend therapy 1-2 times per week for individual therapy.

Voice Clinic

This clinic specializes in evaluation and therapy for all types of voice disorders in adults and children. "Voice disorders" typically include problems with vocal quality, pitch, loudness, or nasality. The clinic also sees male-to-female transgender clients. Clients are first required to have an evaluation by an otolaryngologist. Clients are seen one to two times per week for individual and/or group therapy.

General Clinic

This clinic provides individual and group therapy to children and adults who have articulation, phonology or language disorders. When available, this clinic also provides instruction for adults in accent or dialect reduction.