Health Informatics & Administration

Biomedical & Health Informatics Studies

Min Wu, Ph.D., Director

Biomedical and Health Informatics Studies in the Department of Healthcare Informatics and Administration focuses on the use of automation to improve health care. Five of the nine department faculty are devoted to the Health Care Informatics (HCI) Program, natural language processing constitutes a major part of this focus. The department offers a Master of Science in Health Care Informatics, a coordinated Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics and Master of Library and Information Science degree, and an undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics. In addition, the department participates with the College of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Business Administration, School of Information Studies, Zilber School of Public Health, and College of Nursing in the Ph.D. in Medical Informatics degree. This growing field combines medical science and information technology, with one Ph.D. track consisting of a major focus on natural language processing and human computer interaction. The programs and research are highly interdisciplinary, offering courses and research opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.