Program Overview

The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to engage in the generation, dissemination, integration, and application of knowledge specific to human movement in various contexts. These contexts comprise health promotion, maintenance, habilitation and rehabilitation in professional settings ranging from health care to education to sport to industry.

As part of this mission, the Department of Kinesiology offers B.S. Kinesiology, B.S. Athletic Training, M.S. Kinesiology, and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees.

The B.S. Kinesiology program allows students to pursue a variety of career options. Some graduates pursue positions in the exercise and fitness industry or clinical setting as service providers, managers, or administrators.

The M.S. Kinesiology program offers a research intensive degree focusing in one of three areas of study:

The Department of Kinesiology participates in the interdisciplinary Ph.D. Health Sciences offered by the College of Health Sciences.

The Department also offers a certificate in Strength & Conditioning. This certificate provides the knowledge base to necessary become a certified strength and conditioning coach.

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