Doctor of Physical Therapy

Current Students

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offer many resources to assist students in their education. This page is designed to provide current students access to information and resources to assist with successful completion of the DPT program.

Incoming students: What to do before you start classes--forms and information (a welcome packet will be mailed out in April).

  • Criminal Background Check -- complete and mail to the DPT program.  You do not need to send us a check for $5.00. The program will pick up this costs.
  • Complete the Student Personal Data Sheet.
  • Get a physical examination by your physician and complete the Health and Vaccination Status Form.
  • Register for classes (see how to register in the Frequently Asked Questions in your welcome packet).
  • Become certified or renew your CPR certification for professionals. Students MUST take the CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers.
  • Purchase professional liability coverage. (Note: Class of 2015 students, please don't purchase professional liability coverage at this time. More information will be given to you at your orientation on May 29.) The program requires students to carry professional liability throughout the duration of their professional education. It is good practice to carry professional liability insurance throughout your career. Health Providers Service Organization (HPSO) provides coverage for student physical therapists. Coverage costs are based on your state of residence.

Important Documents

Student Schedules

Year 3: Students are in full time clinical practice during year 3 of the DPT program. Students will complete a 12 week internship (40 hours/week) in Summer, Fall and Spring semesters. Students will be expected to return to campus at the completion of their Spring semester clinical internship to finish on campus coursework for a 2 week session.