Welcome from Chair Dr. Kristian O'Connor

Kristian O'Connor, Ph.D.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Kinesiology, I welcome you. The Department is dedicated to providing quality educational experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. Our undergraduate program offers a blend of academic coursework and applied, fieldwork opportunities designed to develop highly informed and skilled professionals in athletic training, exercise, and the health and fitness industry. We also prepare students for advanced degree work in the human movement sciences (Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Behavior, Sport and Exercise Psychology, and Sociology of Physical Activity) and in such health professions as cardiac rehabilitation, chiropractic medicine, medicine, and physical therapy.

Our graduate program is research oriented and multidisciplinary. The program attracts students from across the country and around the world, and from numerous health professions including athletic training, dietetics and nutrition, nursing, occupational therapy, exercise science, and physical therapy who are interested in an advanced degree that will better inform and enhance their professional practice. A number of graduate assistantships and other employment opportunities are available to support students.

The Department is committed to conducting applied human movement science research. Faculty, staff, and students conduct research in eight departmental laboratories including the The Body Weight & Shape Research, Human Performance, Human Performance & Sport Physiology, Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence, Neuromechanics, Pediatric Neuromotor, Physical Activity & Health Research, and Visuomotor laboratories. In addition, a number of research projects are conducted off-campus at various sites including Milwaukee Public Schools, various Olympic Training sites, and the Milwaukee County Department on Aging Senior Centers.

At the heart of any academic department are its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. We boast a dedicated, student-oriented, and highly recognized faculty and staff. Among us are past and present Fulbright Scholars, presidents and fellows of international and national academic organizations, research journal editors and editorial board members, award-winning teachers, and NIH funded researchers. Our hard working students and dedicated and successful alumni have helped form the foundation of our programs and we share in their many successes.

I invite you to explore the Department of Kinesiology. Should you require additional information, please contact me directly at Thank you for your interest.

Kristian O'Connor, Ph.D.