Occupational Science & Technology

Occupational Therapy student fabricating a hand splint

The Department of Occupational Science and Technology is comprised of a diverse faculty and staff with a range of scholarly interests. This diversity creates exciting opportunities for students seeking professions that impact the daily lives of people through knowledge of human occupation, innovation, and groundbreaking advances in science and technology. The degree and certificate options in Occupational Science and Technology are listed below:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Studies:
    This degree program currently offers tracks of study in Therapeutic Recreation and Occupational Studies. Students intending to apply to Master’s Degree Occupational Therapy programs will find this undergraduate degree to prepare them for Master’s level programs and to meet all of the prerequisites of the UW-Milwaukee Occupational Therapy Master’s level entry degree program.
  2. Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy: Students interested in this degree program will apply to the UWM Graduate School and the Occupational Therapy Program and meet the prerequisite and admission requirements to be considered in the applicant pool for the subsequent fall semester. Applications are accepted once per year.
  3. Undergraduate Certificate:
    Therapeutic Recreation
  4. Graduate Certificate:
    Assistive Technology & Accessible Design
  5. Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the College of Health Sciences