Occupational Science & Technology

Occupational Ergonomics Laboratory

2025 E. Newport Ave.
Northwest Quadrant, G419
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Phone: (414) 229-6175

The Occupational Ergonomics Laboratory has been established with the following goals:

  1. To conduct faculty and student research studies in applied ergonomics
  2. To provide campus and community consulting services
  3. To demonstrate state-of-the-art office and industrial ergonomics equipment
  4. To present small group instructional programs on ergonomics and injury prevention programs

The laboratory serves as an educational resource to students, faculty, campus personnel, and the community. It is divided into two major sections, an office ergonomics workstation demonstration and design area, and a product design and occupational ergonomics research area. The office workstation design area showcases various ergonomically-designed office products and illustrates ergonomic design to maximize comfort and work performance in the office setting. Visitors, upon appointment, are welcome to try out the various products while in the laboratory to assist them in decision-making prior to purchasing office furniture and products. The product design and occupational ergonomics research area consists of worktables for construction of design models, various ergonomically-designed industrial tools, and physical performance assessment equipment.