Occupational Science & Technology

Occupational Therapy Program Professional Certification & Graduation Rate

Professional Certification

The National Board Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT) is a not-for-profit credentialing agency that serves the public interest by developing, administering, and continually reviewing the certification process for the occupational therapy profession. Students in occupational therapy are required to pass the certification exam after completion of coursework and field experience. The link below will take you to the web page that displays the passing rates of new OT Masters-Level graduates taking the NBCOT certification examination for programs in Wisconsin and other states.

NBCOT passing rates: https://secure.nbcot.org/data/schoolstats.aspx/.

Graduation Numbers and Rates

The total number of graduates completing the M.S. Degree in Occupational Therapy for 2012 was 32; in 2013 there were 25 graduates; in 2014 there were 35 graduates.

Graduation rates for the M.S. in Occupational Therapy were 89.2% in 2012, 100% in 2013, and 91.4% in 2014.