College of Health Sciences
Career Fair

The College of Health Sciences and the CHS Alumni Chapter are proud
to host the 4th Annual CHS Career Fair!

Striving for the betterment of the College of Health Sciences' community of students and graduates.
- CHS Alumni Chapter

Come prepared to meet your future employer.

Dress in business attire and bring your resume.


Attending a career fair is a wonderful opportunity to be seen and to meet with recruiters and potential employers. It’s a great way to gain information about available positions and companies in general.

To the right are 5 tips on how to stand out and make the most of career fairs!

  • TIP ONE: Resumes - Have multiple copies of your resume handy. For example, carry your resumes in a 2-pocket folder. Having a folder will allow you to store and organize company brochures more efficiently and show off your organizational skills.

  • TIP TWO: First Impressions - In addition to wearing professional attire, you should also treat every meet-and-greet with potential employers with a confident and firm handshake followed by “Hi, my name is...”

  • TIP THREE: Take Notes - Bring a small notepad and have 1 or 2 questions ready for recruiters. Jot down key words that stand out from their answers. This shows your enthusiasm.

  • TIP FOUR: Make conversations count at career fairs - While standing in the line for your top companies, nonchalantly listen to the questions that the recruiters are asking the candidates ahead of you. This can help you ask new questions or prepare different answers.

  • TIP FIVE: Focus on Follow-Up - At the end of each conversation, ask recruiters what the next step in the process might be. Remember… each conversation resembles an informal interview. Ask for business cards and send the recruiter a thank you letter using the notes you took as a reference point within one to three days of the career fair.

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