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We've passed last year's final enrollment high of 1905 students! In summary, headcount is up by 3.0% (1883 last fall compared to 1939 this fall). Undergraduate enrollment is up 4.2% (1651 last fall compared to 1721 this fall). Note: While overall UG enrollment is up, New Freshmen is down -10.4% (249 last year compared to 223 this year). Graduate enrollment is down -6% (232 last fall compared to 218 this fall).


Carson Smith (HMS) and his work have appeared in several places. He was on FOX6 WakeUp News on September 10th at 8:15am talking about ongoing UWM and CTSI supported research on exercise as possible protection for those at high risk for Alzheimers. He shared the interview with Olympic skater Bonnie Blair. The tape, when ready, can be viewed at Also his research, as detailed in the academic journal NeuroImage, appeared in Time magazine on-line at and will be in the print version soon.


Our Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) Program (now known as BioMedical Sciences) is cited as one of the top 15 CLS Programs in the U.S. This was announced in the summer 2010 issue of Journal of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. There are currently 230 accredited programs in the country.


Be sure to attend the upcoming UWM Annual Fall Awards Ceremony on October 4th at 1:45 pm honoring four of CHS's own. Congratulations to:

  • Phyllis King (OST and Associate Dean) - UWM Distinguished Public Service Award
  • Ginny Stoffel (OST) - UWM Faculty Distinguished University Service Award
  • Pat Willis (CSD) - UWM Academic Staff Outstanding Performance Award
  • Patty Thomas (TR) -UWM Academic Staff Outstanding Teaching Award


Dean Nardelli cuts the ribbon to his new lab Be sure to stop by and visit the new lab space for Dean Nardelli (BMS) located in Enderis B40 behind the elevators in the basement. He will be able to pursue his research on factors in the development of Lyme arthritis. An open house, "Prime Time for Lyme," with cake, punch and a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on August 30th.


Kristian O'Connor (HMS) received an award from Sport Biomechanics Inc. for his research on "Gait and Muscle Activation Patterns of Sketchers Toning Footwear."


Bertram Ezenwa (OGSR) is one of 21 researchers selected by the UW System for the 2005-10 WiSys Innovation Scholar Award. Selection for the award is based on the innovative concept, broad use, value and industrial application of the scholar's discoveries. Bertram and his fellow scholars were recognized at this year's Wisconsin Science & Technology Symposium at UW-Green Bay. Congratulations!


Roger O. Smith, Carolyn Sonneborn Mayr, and Dean Chukuka Enwemeka pose for the camera Dean Chukuka Enwemeka and Roger O. Smith (OST and R2D2) met with CHS visitor Carolyn Sonneborn Mayr, Head of the International Office at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. UWM programs in HBSSW and SOIS have already been working on international education programming with them. Discussed were developing internships and other partnerships between our two institutions. Dean Enwmeka will continue discussions with Mayr in Linz, Austria when he visits in late September.


Just in case you haven't heard, the OT Department is now known as the Department of Occupational Science and Technology (OST) and CLS is now the BioMedical Sciences Program.


Heidi Plach (OST) recently attended the Dry Hootch Open House at their new facility on Brady Street. There they proudly displayed their CHS Community Partner Award which they received at the 2010 Awards and Recognition Ceremony in recognition for their work in supporting returning veterans. OST students helped with the renovation of the house and are being trained as barristas and will also do peer support. See a news clip at Another development is that UWM will receive a "Veteran-Friendly Campus" Award.


Mary K. Madsen (HCA) now chairs the UWM Faculty Rules Committee which puts together the agenda for the Faculty Senate making her the President pro tem of the Faculty Senate and gives her a seat on the University Committee. She also has been elected to serve on the Association for University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) for a 3-year term. The association certifies undergraduate and graduate health care programs. In addition, she has been appointed to the Health Administration Press (HAP) AUPHA Editorial Board for Undergraduate Studies for a 3-year term.


Froedtert Minority Scholars Phyllis King (OST and Associate Dean) recently attended the Froedtert Minority Scholars presentation event. Among the CHS winners were Isais Ortiz, Maame Amuah, Jennifer Fizell, Shahira Taylor, and Wendy Yang.


Eighteen CHS new freshmen are enrolled in our Living Learning Community (LLC) collaboration with the College of Nursing. The students live in Sandburg Hall and are enrolled in a special section of CHS 100 that meets weekly in the Sandburg Flicks. Heidi Plach (OST) and Dr. Aaron Buseh (College of Nursing) co-teach the course (CHS 100 and NURS 103). All 70 plus students living on the 15th and 16th floors of North Tower are welcome to participate in the co-curricular activities such as study groups, Ropes Course and campus activities surrounding Veteran's Day.


CHS Ph.D. student, Sandeep Gopalakrishnan, was awarded a summer student fellowship (1 of 23 awarded) by the Fight for Sight. His research project is focused upon the therapeutic efficacy of near-infrared photobiomodulation in retinal disease.

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Volume 1, Issue 1
September 14, 2010

Important Dates

Fall Awards Ceremony

Monday, October 4
1:45 pm Reception
2:00 pm Ceremony
UWM Union, Wisconsin Room

Panther Prowl

Sunday, October 10
10:00 am Start/Finish:
Corner of Downer and Hartford

New CHS Faculty

Welcome to all new faculty! For more infomation about them and their background, click on their names. For details on our newest faculty members, please check back for updates.

John Heilmann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Rohit Kate, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Health Care Informatics

Carol Mitchell, Ph.D., RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RT(R), FASE
Assistant Professor
Diagnostic Imaging
BioMedical Sciences

Brooke Slavens, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Occupational Science & Technology

Jae Yung Song, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders

Ying-Chih (Inga) Wang, Ph.D., OTR/L
Assistant Professor
Occupational Science & Technology

Ryan Wilkinson, M.S., LAT, ATC, CSCS
Clinical Assistant Professor
Human Movement Sciences, Athletic Training

Staff News

Jay Kapellush (OST) received his Ph.D. in August. The title of his dissertation is "A Large Scale Prospective Cohort Study of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome". Congratulations Jay!

Katie Koncki (OSS) has been approved for indefinite appointment effective
October 1st.
Congratulations Katie!

International StoryInternational Travels

Phyllis King (OST and Associate Dean) presented a paper titled "The Relationship Between An Aging Therapy Workforce and Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses: Implications for Ergonomic Intervention" at the Global International Forum on Aging held in Hangzhou, China,
July 29-30.
Phyllis King with fellow invitees to the EPS Global International Forum on Aging Conference

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