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Ten Highlights from 2010

A Look Back at a Some of the Successes at the College

2010 was a very active year at the College of Health Sciences. All along we have been sharing some of the exciting happenings in our inaugural issues of the CHS Chronicle. This issue of the Chronicle includes a selection of stories that showcase the range of accomplishments by our talented faculty, staff and students.

We look forward to 2011 when we refine our Five Year Strategic Plan with important initiatives that will focus on our students, strong curriculum, excellence in research and scholarship, improved operations and productive partnerships. We will keep you up-to-date with our progress and share any and all good news.

With heartiest wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Chukuka S. Enwemeka, Ph.D., FACSM
Professor and Dean

CLS Ranked One of the Best!

Assistant Professor Dean Nardelli (HMS) working in his lab
Assistant Professor Dean Nardelli (CLS) working in his lab.
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Our Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) Program (now known as BioMedical Sciences) is cited as one of the top 15 CLS Programs in the U.S. This was announced in the summer 2010 issue of Journal of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. There are currently 230 accredited programs in the country.

Four CHS Faculty Win UWM Awards

Phyllis King, Patricia Willis, Patricia Thomas, and Virginia Stoffel
From left: Phyllis King, Patricia Willis, Patricia Thomas, and Virginia Stoffel
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Four College of Health Sciences faculty and staff won prestigious awards at the Annual UWM Awards Ceremony. Each was heralded for outstanding accomplishments within and/or outside the University.

The recipients are:

  • Phyllis King (OST and Associate Dean) - UWM Faculty Distinguished Public Service Award
  • Virginia Stoffel (OST) - UWM Faculty Distinguished University Service Award
  • Patricia Willis (CSD) - UWM Academic Staff Outstanding Performance Award
  • Patricia Thomas (TR) -UWM Academic Staff Outstanding Teaching Award.

Congratulations to all!

For a more detailed story on the award winners, please go to

Carson Smith on Fox6

Carson Smith and Bonnie Blair talk about Alzheimer's on Fox 6 Wake Up NewsCarson Smith's (HMS) recent interview for FOX6 WakeUp News (September 10th) about ongoing research on exercise as possible protection for those at high risk for Alzheimer's can be seen by clicking on the image to the right.

CHS DPT Program Graduates Shine

The Doctor of Physical Therapy graduating class of 2010
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Kudos to the College of Health Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program! The graduating class of 2010 has a first time pass rate of 100% on the National Physical Therapy Licensing Examination. The mean scale exam score for UWM students was 669 compared to 646 nationally. UWM offers one of the few programs that can report a 100% first time pass rate when the 2010 rankings come out in November. The first time pass rate for programs nationally is 86.5% and as of July 1 only 19 of 189 programs could report a 100% first time pass rate.

American Indian High Schoolers Learn in the Lab

American Indian Student Services Program students making dentures
Play slideshow of the week's activities

This year's American Indian Student Services Program (AISSP) was another success. The week-long program, hosted by the CHS BioMedical Sciences Program, with the logistical support of Dr. Mary K. Madsen (HCA) and Ms. Sue Roskopf (BMS), exposes American Indian high school students to hands-on science and lab experiences intermixed with traditional teaching. Each summer approximately 20 students from different states and tribes come to CHS for an intensive program that features scientific activities ranging from growing bacteria and blood typing to extracting their own DNA and tracking the spread of diseases.

The students, who live on campus while participating in the program, also visit the Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee Public Museum and the Indian Community School. Community activities include an evening of basketball, a trip to a local mall, a water ski show and the week concludes with tailgating and a Brewers baseball game. Students talk about the program as an invaluable experience that dramatically excites them and motivates them for their futures.

CSD Department Passes Accreditation with Flying Colors

Dean Chukuka Enwemeka and Dr. Lars Hode in Sweden
A CSD student checks a client's pitch and gives him exercises to improve his speech.
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The Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology notified the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders that after completing a three-day site visit in February 2010 and after careful analysis and compilation of their findings, the Speech-Language Pathology Program has been accredited for eight years from May 2010 to April 2018.

The faculty and staff were commended for the incorporation of scientific and research foundations into the professional curriculum, as well as employing a high level of clinical supervision incorporating clinical knowledge with ethical standards of practice while following state and federal regulations. The CAA found the program met or exceeded expectations for student achievement in Program Completion Rates, Employment Rates and Praxis Examination Rates.

CHS Open House: A Notable Success

Open house slideshow
View slideshow of CHS's participation at UWM's Open House

The 16th Annual UWM Open House on October 29 and 30 was a notable success with strong attendance of 3,618 students and guests. Campus-wide, hundreds of faculty, staff and students helped in many different ways, whether to work on set-up needs, produce marketing materials, post signs, provide advertisement, or assist with parking, conduct demonstrations and greet visitors.

CHS was well-represented with each department showing off its educational programs (and talented students!) and offering interactive displays for visitors to test themselves or apply science to their own lives. For example, there was a display of athletic shoes and the question, "When to Purchase New Shoes," a video and poster board explaining Mayor Tom Barrett's recovery with the help of OTs and PTs, sample lab vials with blood corpuscles (really, red M&Ms) and a Communication Sciences and Disorders game, "Can You Crack the Code?" (words transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet).

Phyllis King (OST and Associate Dean) thanked CHS staff, "I thought our College display area was one of the best. It was very well organized, appealing, adequately staffed and had great signage and literature to hand out. Special appreciation to Kate Brondino and Office of Student Services staff for spearheading this effort, to Cheri Dziekan Chapman and External Relations staff for producing posters and brochures to highlight all programs, and to Dean Chukuka Enwemeka for hosting a fireside chat and presentation on his international experiences in Brazil."

Where are They Now? Our Recent Ph.D.s Move On and Up

The Health Sciences Ph.D. program is in its fifth year and a fresh crop of students are making their way in the world. Here's an update of where they are today:

Mark Cole, Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Sport Psychology, is Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology, Western Illinois University, McComb, Ill.

Mark Cole, Ph.D.
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Brian Curtis, Dr. Jeri-Anne Lyons (BMS), Rochelle Mendoca (listed below) and Dr. Roger O. Smith (OST) at the May 2010 UWM graduation ceremony.
From L to R: Dr. Jeri-Anne Lyons (BMS), Brian Curtis, Rochelle Mendonca and Dr. Roger O. Smith (OST) at the May 2010 UWM graduation ceremony.
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Brian Curtis, Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Immunology, is Director of the Neutrophil Biology Lab at the Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin and Rochelle Mendonca, Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Accessibility and Universal Design, is Assistant Professor at the University of the Sciences - Philadelphia.

Kristina DeSmet, Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Pharmacology/Toxicology, is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Kristina DeSmet, Ph.D.
Kristina DeSmet (center) at her dissertation meeting, with Dean Chukuka S. Enwemeka (left) and BMS Professor and DeSmet's advisor, Janis Eells (right).
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Kamaldeen Muili
Kamaldeen Muili in front of his poster display at the Spring 2010 CHS Research Symposium.
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Kamaldeen Muili, Ph.D. in Health Sciences: Immunology, is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut.

Best wishes to all of them and good luck as they begin their new careers.

International StoryCHS International Web Page Now Open

Take a look at the wonderful additions to the CHS Web site related to the work done at the College that is international in scope. While UWM and CHS have always participated in activities well beyond Milwaukee and the U.S., there is a renewed commitment to foster learning, research and collaborations beyond our borders. We are embracing an image of a globally-engaged university and College.

In that vein, we are introducing on the CHS Web site a new "International" button that has "International News" with stories about faculty, staff and students who are traveling, studying, name it. Check it out at and look for the small globe icon that will be used throughout the Web site to identify anything international in nature.

Brooke Slavens and Roger Smith Net Over One Million In Research Funds

Brooke Slavens
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Brooke Slavens (OST) received a $330,000 grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), U.S. Department of Education to investigate "Advanced Mobility Modeling to Improve Function and Longer Term Transitional Care of Children with Orthopedic Disabilities." Among the children who will be in the study, and can potentially be helped, are those with severe cerebral palsy, myelomeningocele, spinal cord injury, osteogenesis imperfecta and pes planovalgus.

Roger Smith
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Her work is part of a larger grant awarded to the R2D2 Center for its work with the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) on technologies for children with orthopedic disabilities. Roger O. Smith (OST) takes over another part of the grant devoted to training and dissemination activities for people in the disability research field, including scientists, service providers and consumers. The award amount for that phase is $195,000.

In addition, Dr. Smith and his colleagues in the R2D2 Center received another $600,000 grant from the NIDRR to support their development of a web-based assessment and smart phone-based, on-demand resource "app" to assist people with disabilities and building users to identify building accessibility and potential barriers in public buildings.

Don't forget ... send us your news!

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January 4, 2011

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