Susan Cashin, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

[Image] Portrait of Susan Cashin, Ph.D.

Northwest Quadrant Building B, Room 6515
Phone: (414) 229-3303
Fax: (414) 229-3373


Kinesiology, Office of Student Affairs (Advising)


  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2000
  • M.S., Statistics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1994
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - Platteville, 1992

Interests & Expertise

Dr. Cashin’s research interests center around survey research, particularly student attitude as related to achievement. As a statistical consultant for the College, Dr. Cashin has applied statistical research methodology to a plethora of research areas in the College. Her expertise helps to assure the validity of reported results.

Recent Publications

Schindler, C. A., Mikhailov, T. A., Cashin, S. E., Malin, S., Chirstensen, M., & Winters, J. M. (In press). Under Pressure; Preventing pressure ulcers in critically ill infants. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing.

Bumah, V. V., Masson-Meyers, D. S., Cashin, S. E., & Enwemeka, C. E. (In press). Wavelength and bacterial density influence the bactericidal effect of blue light on Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccous Aureus (MRSA). Photomedicine and Laser Surgery.

Gennuso, K. P., Zalewski, K., Cashin, S. E., & Strath, S. J. (In press). Resistance training congruent with minimal guidelines improves function in older adults: A pilot study. Journal of Physical Activity and Health.

Masson-Meyers, D. S., Enwemeka, C. S., Bumah, V. V., Andrade, T. A. M., Cashin, S. E., & Frade, M. A. C. (2013). Antimicrobial effects of Copaifera langsdorffii oleoresin in infected rat wounds. International Journal of Applied Microbiology Science, 2(3), 9-20.

Easterling, C., Antinoja, J., Cashin, S., & Barhaus, P. E. (2013). Changes in tongue pressure, pulmonary function, and salivary flow in patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Dysphagia, 28(2), 217-225.

Rhyner, P. M., Guenther, K. L., Pizur-Barnekow, K., Cashin, S. E., & Chavie, A.L. (2013). Child caregivers’ contingent responsiveness behaviors during interactions with toddlers within three day care contexts. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 34(4), 232-241.

Pizur-Barnekow, K., Kamp, K., Cashin, S. (2012). An investigation of maternal play styles used during the co-occupation of maternal-infant play. Journal of Occupational Science.  Available online. doi:10.1080/14427591.2012.724379

Hart, T. L., Swartz, A. M., Cashin, S. E., & Strath, S. J. (2011). How many days of monitoring predict physical activity and sedentary behavior in older adults? International Journal of behavioral Nutriotion and Physical Activity, 8(62).

Bazett-Jones, D. M., Cobb, S. C., Joshi, M. N., Cashin, S. E., & Earl, J. E. (2011). Normalizing hip muschle strength: Establishing body-size-independent measurements. Archives of Physical Medicine and Reahbilitation, 92(1), 76-82.

Strath, S. J., Swartz, A. M., Parker, S. J., Miller, N. E., Grimm, E. K., & Cashin, S. E. (2011). A pilot randomized controlled trial evaluating motivationally matched pedometer feedback to increase physical activity behavior in older adults. Journal of Physical Acitivty and Health, 8, S267-S274.

Pizur-Barnekow, K., Patrick, T., Rhyner, P., Cashin, S., & Reentmester, A. (2010). An investigation of the readability of early intervention program literature. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 3(1), 58-64. DOI: 10.1177/0271121410387676

Pizur-Barnekow, K., Doering, J., Cashin, S., Patrick, T., & Rhyner, P. (2010). Functinoal health literacy and mental health in urban and rural mothers of children enrolled in early intervention programs. Infants and Young Children, 23(1), 42-51.

Miller, N. E. Strath, S. J., Swartz, A. M., & Cashin, S. E. (2010). Estimating absolute and relative physical activity intensity across age via accelerometry in adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 18(2), 158-170.

Persch, A. C., Pizur-Barnekow, K., Cashin, S., & Pickens, N. D. (2009). Heart rate variability of activity and occupation during solitary and social engagement. Journal of Occupational Science, 16(3)163-169.

Strath, S. J., Swartz, A. M., & Cashin, S. E. (2009). Ambulatory physical activity profiles of older adults. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 17(1), 46 - 56.

Flessner, C. A., Conelea, C. A., Woods, D. W., Franklin , M. E., Keuthen, N. J., & Cashin, S. E. (2008). Styles of pulling in trichotillomania: Exploring differences in symptom severity, phenomenology, and functional impact. Behaviour and Research Therapy, 46, 345 - 357.

Swartz, A. M., Strath, S. J., Miller, N. E., Cashin, S. E., & Cieslik, L. J. (2007). Glucose control and walking in a multiethnic sample of older adults. Gerontology, 53(6), 454-461.

Heffelfinger, A. K., Koop, J. I., Fastenau, P. S., Brei, T. J., Conant, L., Katzenstein, J., Cashin, S. E., & Sawin, K. J. (in press). The relationship of executive functioning to adaptation outcome in adolescents with spinal bifida. Submitted to Journal of International Neuropsychological Society.

Flessner, C. A., Woods, D. W., Franklin, M. E., Keuthen, N. J., Piacentini, J., Cashin, S. E., & Moore, P. S. (2007). The Milwaukee Inventory for Styles of Trichotillomania-Child Version (MIST-C): Initial development and psychometric properties. Behavior Modification, 31(6), 896 - 918.

Flessner, C. A., Woods, D. W., Franklin, M. E., Cashin, S. E., & Keuthen, N. J. (in press). The Milwaukee Inventory for Subtypes of Trichotillomania-Adult Version (MIST-A): The Development of an instrument for the assessment of "focused" and "automatic" hair pulling. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment.

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Sawin, K. J., Buran, C. F., Brie, T. J., & Cashin S. E. (2007). Individual and family factors associated with health-related quality of life in adolescents and young adults with Spina Bifida. Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Journal, 23(4).

Book Chapters

Meyer, B. B., Cashin, S. E., & Massey, W. V. (2012). The equivalence of online and paper-pencil measures of emotional intelligence. In A. DiFabio (Ed.), Emotional intelligence: New perspectives and applications (pp. 183-194). Rijeka, Croatia: InTech