Available Services

As an instructor with the College of Health Sciences, teaching an online and/or blended course, the following services are available to you:

  • Desire2Learn (D2L) assistance
    While the D2L Course Management System is quite intuitive, you may still have questions. We have many resources to help you, but if you're still needing guidance, please contact us.

  • Digitizing Video for use in online and blended courses
    In the near future UWM will be phasing out VCRs in classrooms. The VCRs are in need of frequent maintenance, and replacement parts have become increasingly more difficult to find. We can help! We can transfer your VHS tapes to a digital format for upload to your D2L course site, upload DVD content to D2L, or dub your VHS tape to a DVD (which you must provide).

  • Uploading Quizzes/Exams into D2L from a document file
    Creating a quiz/exam in D2L can be tedious work. Fortunately we have Respondus software, which allows us to upload your entire quiz/exam from a properly formatted word document.

  • Surveys & End of Course Evaluations
    Many online/blended course instructors have been displeased with the course survey tool within D2L. For this reason, UWM has partnered with Campus Survey Instrument powered by Qualtrics, a powerful survey tool that you may use. We can assist you in the creation of your Qualtrics survey or end of course evaluation.

  • Creation of Interactive Learning Objects
    Why not create games to help your students study for the next big test? We can create interactive Flash cards, Fill in the Blank, Pick a Letter, Matching, Glossary, Crosswords, and more.

  • Voice-Over PowerPoint
    Do you want your students to feel more connected to the course, to the content, and to you? Try voice-over PowerPoint presentations for your course introductions, overview of course modules, and lectures.

  • Speech to Text Conversion
    It is highly recommended that you provide your students with a text version of your voice-over PowerPoint presentations, and we can help you with that too. Text versions provide access to students with disabilities, and can be taken anywhere, not requiring a computer or internet access. Many students also prefer text because they can read faster than they can listen to your voice-over PowerPoint.

For more information regarding the services that we offer, or to request our assistance, please contact Academic Technology Specialist, Renea Drews, rldrews@uwm.edu or Director of E-Learning, Susan Stalewski, MBA, MT (ASCP), sstalews@uwm.edu.