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CHS Black & Gold Committee

Focus on Students Committee

Student success is a top priority at the College of Health Sciences. To ensure student success, satisfaction and retention, CHS students, faculty and staff come together to serve on the Black & Gold Committee. Charged with addressing student body issues, the Committee has been a dynamic student voice in the development of the CHS Strategic Plan (CHS: 2012) and the College Honor Code, to name a few.

The student members of the Committee are active members of the CHS specialized student organizations. Each year a student is selected to co-chair the Committee together with the Dean. Together they all work to improve the student experience at UWM and at CHS.

The seeds planted by the various Black and Gold Committees in the individual UWM Schools and Colleges, and the Black & Gold Steering Committee facilitated by UWM Academic Services, have evolved into initiatives such as Access for Success, freshman mentoring and the early warning systems. These committees live by their motto: Committed to students at UWM.