Internal Resources

Faculty/Student Affairs Committee

Faculty/Student Affairs Committee functions:

  • Review and revise, as needed, policies and procedures for the selection of college-wide student scholarship and service awards.
  • Select college-wide student award recipients and assist with departmental/program award selection, if requested.
  • Review and revise policies and procedures for awarding students college-wide academic honors.
  • Review college-wide policies for student admission, retention and graduation.
  • Review student advising policies of the CHS Office of Student Affairs and, as needed, related departmental/program policies.
  • Serve as the CHS academic student appeals board.
  • Review CHS planning documents for faculty/student affairs-based issues and make recommendations to the Steering Committee.
  • Review college-wide faculty/staff developmental activities and programs, especially as they pertain to academic programs and student learning; make recommendations to the Steering Committee and Dean, where indicated.

Faculty & Student Affairs Committee Annual Report