Internal Resources

Guidelines for use of 101-4 Funds

Priority Uses of 101-4 funds:

  1. Appointment of new, tenure-track faculty or research academic staff, who have the potential to become funded, and actively seek externally sponsored research support.
  2. Appointment of tenured faculty and established research academic staff who demonstrate high quality research, or have established a record of successful extramural grant proposal writing, or would benefit from addition of research support staff.
  3. Approximate breakdown of 101-4 in CHS:
% 101-4 Activity
70% New faculty/staff hires leveraged with campus support (eg., Milw. Idea)
30% Support and enhancement of the SEED Program, and support of CHS Centers that foster research activities, instructional-replacement costs and/or summer support.

Guidelines for Expenditure of Fund 101-4

  1. Appointments of faculty and non-teaching academic staff members from Fund 101-4 must correlate with the percentage of time and effort spent on research activities. A 0.25 FTE appointment equates to 25% of time (1 3-credit group instruction course release each semester) with efforts dedicated to sponsored research activities.
  2. Appointments of faculty and/or academic staff members from Fund 101-4 must be made in increments of 0.25 FTE. Faculty members may opt to use the support during the summer instead of reduced instructional workload during the academic year.
  3. Faculty or academic staff activities targeting externally sponsored instructional projects, eg., training grants, should not be recipients of 101-4 funds. Instruction-related activities are more appropriately supported by Fund 101-2.
  4. Appointments to 101-4, will be made annually in the spring semester for the upcoming academic year, with the intent that it will be for a minimum of a two year period, but renewed annually. The dean will have final discretion over all appointments, renewals and continuations.


  1. All 101-4 funds will be held centrally in the dean's office. Appointments to 101-4 funding will be determined by the dean, and may be based upon recommendations from department chairs and program directors.

Appointment of existing faculty/staff members to 101-4 funding will require that department executive committees, or their delegate, approve the appointment in order for individuals to receive 101-4 support. Executive committees must also agree to review individuals for merit based upon a workload that accurately reflects appointments that may differ from the traditional weighting of teaching, research and service.